You cheated not only the game meme spreads across Internet

The latest video game meme is reaching critical mass, and Shacknews has a breakdown of some of the best entrants.


The video game industry is full of great memes, and there is one that has social media buzzing this week. It all started last week when Twitter user Fetusberry quote-tweeted an article by PC Gamer. It starts, "You cheated not only the game, but yourself." A deep message to players who feel accomplished beating a game with the use of cheats or exploits.

As most memes do, this spun out of control pretty rapidly. Fetusberry's tweet has been retweeted and liked thousands of times and has inspired a crazy amount of hilarious memes over the past few days. Fans have cranked out some great social media posts from games like Super Mario 64, Animal Crossing, The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, and even Sonic the Hedgehog got into the mix.

Now this meme definitely was spawned from Internet rage surrounding PC Gamer's article, but that doesn't mean we can't find these tweets enjoyable. It is important to realize the context from which this meme was born. Lirik had no problem dunking on PC Gamer, and tons of hate followed.

Things escalate very quickly in Twitter threads, and it is not that surprising to see things turn south so quickly for James Davenport and PC Gamer. The claim that he cheated to beat Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice's final boss certainly rubbed a lot of the gaming community the wrong way, and the Internet did what it does.

The creator of this meme has explained that his original tweet was born out of sincerity and melodrama, but the result has been some funny Internet memes and a popular gaming news publication with egg on their face. We realize Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is extremely difficult, which is why you can find a ton of boss fight guides and much more on our site. Did we miss any funny memes? Let us know in the comments section.


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  • reply
    April 10, 2019 4:00 PM

    Asif Khan posted a new article, You cheated not only the game meme spreads across Internet

    • reply
      April 10, 2019 5:17 PM

      love that a random twitter user got his post turned into a meme. If that was my 15 mins of fame I could die happy

    • reply
      April 10, 2019 5:25 PM

      Congrats to..fetusberry

    • reply
      April 10, 2019 5:32 PM

      I do like that Mario 64 one quite a bit.

    • reply
      April 10, 2019 5:51 PM

      After the recent dumpster fire of people debating that making games accessible makes them worse, I'm very close to abandoning all social media and game forums.. I'm so done arguing for visibility.

      • Zek legacy 10 years
        April 10, 2019 6:21 PM

        You just have to know when to step away after you've said your piece. I could certainly be better at that myself. But I always find that the longer I stay to argue the more agitated I get.

    • reply
      April 11, 2019 2:55 AM

      Put a quarter in your ass because you played yourself.

    • reply
      April 11, 2019 4:07 AM

      Seems like an amusing meme.

      Cheat codes can be fun, especially for replaying something after I finish normally. The latest I've used is for unlimited ammo to replay the insane last level in Serious Sam 3 VR. Just dual wielded weapons going full blast for minutes at a time.

    • reply
      April 11, 2019 4:29 AM

      Cool I guess?

    • reply
      April 11, 2019 4:35 AM

      Strange meme, the only winning move is not to

    • reply
      April 11, 2019 5:51 AM

      Fetusberry “Ass Bastard” Crunch is truly one of our greatest minds.

    • reply
      April 11, 2019 6:39 AM

      lol the last two had me loling

    • reply
      April 11, 2019 7:57 AM

      People are so stupid with this git gud stuff.

      • reply
        April 11, 2019 9:15 AM

        They have to validate the hours they spent somehow.

      • reply
        April 11, 2019 9:27 AM

        As a person who plays a lot of video games, If my yardstick for personal growth was beating a boss in a video game, I would hope that someone would put me out of my misery.

    • reply
      April 11, 2019 9:19 AM


    • reply
      April 11, 2019 9:36 AM

      Thanks for this roundup! Loved these videos!

    • reply
      April 11, 2019 9:41 AM

      I don't understand what's suppose to be funny or what they are enraged about.

    • reply
      April 11, 2019 9:44 AM

      The detection for the sonic one is pretty cool.

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