Borderlands 3 release date leaked on Twitter

Gearbox's looter shooter sequel Borderlands 3 may have had its official release date leaked on Twitter yesterday.


Arguably the biggest news to come of out PAX East 2019, the unveiling of Borderlands 3 was a welcome sight to series fans and loot shooter enthusiasts. Thanks to a now-deleted tweet, the game’s release date has possibly been leaked ahead of any official announcement, According to the tweet from the official Borderlands account, players will be returning to Pandora as soon as this fall - September 13 to be exact.

While the tweet did not explicitly mention Borderlands 3, it is hard to imagine that the Borderlands twitter account would be referring to a different game. The tweet mentions that pre-orders will receive a weapon skin pack and was pulled shortly after it went live.

Speaking of pre-orders, while all the other games from the Borderlands franchise have been sold on Steam and from third-party retailers offering Steam redemption keys, it would appear that Borderlands 3 is taking its talents to the Epic Games Store. While the game’s official Twitter account was busy leaking the release date, a video ad for the game made it into the wild that ended with the Epic Games Store logo. The video ad was also pulled.

Gearbox head magician Randy Pitchford took to Twitter to offer a non-confirmation of the news, while simultaneously extolling the virtues of Epic’s store and deflecting heat towards the game’s publisher.

All the relevant information on the release of Borderlands 3, including the release date and store exclusivity is expected to be made official tomorrow, April 3.

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