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Tidal Basin & World Tier 5 land in The Division 2 next week

The Tidal Basin update coming on April 5 will open up World Tier 5 for players in The Division 2.


Next week is a big week for The Division 2 players, as the new Tidal Basin update will unlock a new stronghold and allow players to progress up to World Tier 5, giving them access to new loot and gear.

As part of The Division 2’s robust post-launch plan, the Tidal Basin update for The Division 2 is just one of many updates to come in the game’s roadmap. If you’ve been playing The Division 2 since release, then chances are you’ve probably progressed to at least World Tier 1 at this point. If you’re one of the hardcore players, then chances are you’ve probably already progressed through to World Tier 4.

Those who have reached World Tier 4, as well as a Gear Score of 450, have been waiting quite a bit already for World Tier 5 to drop. Now they’ll be able to complete the new stronghold and gain access to an entirely stronger set of gear, as well as some new endgame content.

Tidal Basin & World Tier 5 land in The Division 2 next week
Players can take on a new stronghold held by the Black Tusk faction in The Division 2's Tidal Basin update.

Ubisoft has some lofty plans for how they’re going to support The Division 2 now that it’s past the first few weeks of release. As they continue to provide updates, players will no doubt find themselves with more to do and take part in within the world.

You can learn more about The Division 2 by heading over to our game hub. You can also dive right into the mix with our guides on how to increase your World Tier, which you’ll need to know if you haven’t already reached World Tier 5. You can also see what I thought about the game by checking out our The Division 2 review, where I share my thoughts on the loot system, the endgame content, and how Massive Entertainment improved their looter shooter, making it one of the best available right now.

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