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Lapis x Labyrinth gameplay - party stacking and attacking

Check out the unique "stacking" combat in this gameplay footage from NIS America's upcoming action RPG Lapis x Labyrinth.


Fancy a new action RPG? NIS America is delivering a fresh experience in Lapis x Labyrinth when it launches May 28, 2019, on Nintendo Switch and PS4.

In Lapis x Labyrinth from NIS America, players select from eight different classes. You can take four characters with you on this journey, so this makes for over 4,000 different combinations. With these characters, you use an ancient art of war called "stacking", accumulating power with the bottom character being the leader. You must strategically swap between leaders, changing the stack lineup, and using different special attacks. The eight classes in Lapis x Labyrinth are Maid, Gunner, Shielder, Bishop, Destroyer, Wizard, Necromancer, and Hunter. You can see these things in action via the gameplay video below.

Through the game, players will take their party on quest routes, unlocking more difficult options along the way. In the in-between time, Lapis x Labyrinth players can head to the Foundry in the Home Town to upgrade items, grab food from the Lunch Shop, trade at the Exchange Shop, practice in the Dojo, or research enemies in the Compendium. Once you're ready to rock, head to the Guild Company to choose your next quest route.

Here's the story synopsis for this action RPG, taken from the official Lapis x Labyrinth webpage:

"This is a quaint town in a little land far away. Have you heard about the Golden Forest here? It's said there's a radiant forest with a golden effulgence. Its source - a golden tree at the bottom of a mysterious Labyrinth. Many adventurers came pursuing dreams of riches, but none were able to discover it...

This town was established at the labyrinth's entrance as a base, but as adventurers dwindled, it was abandoned and forgotten. It appeared as if waiting for the last adventurer to arrive, after which it would simply disappear from history, forever."

Lapis x Labyrinth gameplay stack action rpg

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