The Game Awards opens entries for 2019 Global Gaming Citizens

The Game Awards has opened up entries for its 2019 Global Gaming Citizens nominations, so make sure you get your nominations in.


The Game Awards and Facebook Gaming have teamed up to look for inspirational stories about people using gaming to foster communities among like-minded individuals.

That's why The Game Awards is scouting new gamers for its 2019 Global Gaming Citizens award, which is meant to recognize gamers, game developers, or anyone else in the world who has a unique story about using games to inflict positive change on the world.

Last year's honorees included Steven Spohn, COO of Able Gamers; Sadia Bashir, founder of PixelArt Games Academy in Pakistan; and Lual Mayen, CEO/Founder of Junub Games. This year, you can go ahead and begin nominating individuals (or yourself, if you so choose) at the official nomination website.

Submissions can be made year-round, but the entries coming up for The Game Awards 2019 will be considered out of applications that make it in by April 12. So if you have a particular person you believe who deserves to be honored, make sure you get your vote in by April 12.

You can check out older stories from recipients in the past and learn more about how folks are using the power of games to foster positive communities at the official Facebook page for The Game Awards 2018's Global Gaming Citizens awards.

This is a great honor, especially when you consider how many games do indeed make differences in the world. Don't be shy, and if you know someone you believe deserves it, make sure you reach out to them and let them know you appreciate their contributions, and take a few moments to nominate them. And if it's you who you believe deserves a shout-out, be sure to do that as well and shout your accomplishments from the heavens! You deserve it, just as much as anyone else. 

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