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Jupiter & Mars explore the PS VR seas on Earth Day

Jupiter & Mars are a pair of heroic dolphins and they're ready to save the planet, appropriately enough, on Earth Day.


There were a slew of PlayStation VR announcements throughout Monday's State of Play presentation. However, there were a few noteworthy items regarding Sony's virtual reality peripheral that went under the radar. One of those announcements came in the form of an official release date for post-apocalyptic dolphin simulator Jupiter & Mars.

Developer Tigertron is set to release Jupiter & Mars, appropriately enough, on Earth Day, which falls on April 22. The release date popped up during a PS VR sizzle reel that played during the State of Play presentation.

For the uninitiated, Jupiter & Mars tells the story of these two title dolphins, who are in the middle of catastrophic rising sea levels. The ocean's rising levels have engulfed some of the planet's biggest cities and extinguished mankind. That leaves Jupiter and Mars to help solve the great cataclysm left behind by man, as they explore the vast oceans with the aid of The Elders, a group of wise and ancient whales. They must shut down man's killer machines before they wreak more havoc on the planet's oceans and all of its denizens. If it sounds like this shares a similar presence with classic Sega Genesis game, Ecco the Dolphin, you're not entirely wrong, as developer Tigertron has noted Ecco as among Jupiter & Mars' bigest influences. The game will be playable in both VR and in non-VR on PlayStation 4, though if anyone opts to play with the former, they'll be treated to visually gorgeous ocean textures and bright lighting effects from both the ocean's natural luminescence and also from the various underwater plant and animal life.

Jupiter & Mars joins a full lineup of PlayStation VR games detailed on PlayStation.Blog. Look for Jupiter & Mars to arrive in just a few weeks, as it arrives on Earth Day, April 22.

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