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UnderMine dev unearths roguelike RPG info in interview

In an interview at GDC 2019, we got one of the devs behind UnderMine to dish the dirt on what players can expect from this new game.


At GDC 2019, we got an opportunity to speak with Thorium Founder Derek Johnson about UnderMine, a game inspired by some new and old classics.

In Undermine, players take on the role of a peasant and, in the GDC 2019 interview below, you can hear Johnson speak on the game's design and the journey from zero-to-hero. The development team considers UnderMine to be a collection of the "highest quality ingredients" from various genres. It's a "darkly lighthearted" title that takes from action adventure, roguelike, and RPG titles and the development team isn't shy about it being inspired by games like Dead Cells, Binding of Isaac, The Legend of Zelda, Rogue Legacy, and Hyper Light Drifter.

If you want a bullet-pointed snapshot of what to expect when you dig into UnderMine, here you go:

  • Dungeon Crawling: Forge that perfect run where you find all the right items, all the right secrets, and get all the right rolls to become a peasant god of destruction.
  • Discovery and Exploration: Bomb walls, blow up rocks, light torches, and discover secret passages, hidden characters, loot, upgrades, and more.
  • Character Progression: The peasants keep dying, but your upgrades pass on. Unlock new abilities that will help in combat and open up new areas to explore.
  • Bosses That Don’t Mess Around: Challenge enormous bosses that take a combination of upgrades and skill to take down.
UnderMine GDC 2019 Thorium dev interview gameplay screenshot

UnderMine should launch "2019 Probably" and will be coming to PC and Xbox One. The team is also hoping to have it on the Nintendo Switch at launch. Stay tuned to Shacknews for additional GDC 2019 info and other gaming or tech news. Head over to the Shacknews and GamerhubTV YouTube channels for exclusive interviews, demos, event coverage, walkthroughs, gameplay, and a whole lot more. Subscribe to both so you can be notified when new content goes live.

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