New Two Point Hospital DLC offers more hospitals, illnesses

Three new hospitals and a wide variety of new ailments await players in Two Point Hospital's new Pebberly Island DLC.


Just when you thought it was safe to go outside again, a wave of new illnesses are washing over Two Point County. In the all-new Pebberly Island DLC, Two Point Hospital players will take on a variety of new elements across three all-new hospitals.

In an announcement made this morning, publisher SEGA revealed some details of the new DLC, which is available now on Steam. Pebberly Island mixes up the geography seen in the base version of Two Point Hospital by adding in some island flavor, along with thick jungle canopy and the breathtaking Topless Mountain. To help explain what players can look forward to, SEGA enlisted the help of Professor Elemental in a new music video to promote the DLC.

Through March 21, Two Point Hospital will be offered at a 33% discount on Steam to celebrate the launch of the new DLC. To get the latest gossip on Two Point County, SEGA recommends that players sign up for the Hospital Pass at, and receive the new legendary Golden Bathroom Suite in-game signup bonus, including the Golden Toilet, Golden Sink and Golden Hand-dryer so your patients can feel like royalty. I know if I had the runs, I’d prefer to be serviced at the hospital with the golden thrones. I’m willing to bet that the denizens of Two Point County would agree with me.

Two Point Hospital's new Pebberly Island DLC
Two Point Hospital's new Pebberly Island DLC

If the base game and the new DLC still leave you wanting more of the light-hearted hospital management sim, there’s always the recently-released Sandbox Mode. This update allows players to design the hospital of their dreams and break free of the shackles imposed by the scenarios included in the game’s campaign mode.

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