Apex Legends Battle Pass Season 1 - rewards, cost, and skins

The first details of the Apex Legends Battle Pass rewards for Season 1 have arrived, and we've got information covering cost, rewards, skins, cosmetics, and new legend Octane.


The Apex Legends Battle Pass rewards are finally here, after what feels like a very long wait. Season 1 has been teased for weeks, but despite saying the Battle Pass would arrive in March, Respawn Entertainment hadn't offered much information until now. Happily, the latest details now show off the 100 new Battle Pass rewards coming to Apex Legends in Season 1. Keep reading to learn more about the Battle Pass cost, skins, cosmetics, and when fans can expect Season 1 to kick off.

Apex Legends Battle Pass rewards and cost - Season 1

First things first — the Apex Legends Battle Pass for Season 1 will cost 950 Apex Coins to purchase. Players who want to get a jump on the competition can also purchase the Battle Pass Bundle for 2,800 Apex Coins and unlock 25 levels of the Season 1 rewards instantly.

As for how the Apex Legends Battle Pass works, things should be pretty familiar to fans of other battle royale titles. The Battle Pass features 100 levels and 100 rewards. Each time players gain a level, they unlock the next reward in the line. If players stay active through the entirety of Apex Legends Season 1, they'll unlock several exclusive cosmetic items and skins for weapons as well as characters, like the new Legend known as Octane.

Apex Legends Battle Pass - Season 1 rewards

There are over 100 different rewards that players can earn through the Apex Legends Battle Pass. The official Apex Legends website has a complete breakdown of each of these rewards, but generally speaking, players can expect to earn Apex Coins, skins for weapons, Legends voice clips, and XP bundles. As they get further down the path, players will start to unlock Apex Packs, and at level 48 will begin earning rare cosmetics and skins. Here's the full list of Apex Legends Season 1 Battle Pass rewards.

Level: Reward: Level: Reward:
01 Skins: Lifeline Revolution, Wraith Survivor, Mirage Outlaw 51 Weapon Skin - Prowler
02 Weapon Skin - Triple Take 52 XP
03 Tracker - Wraith 53 Apex Pack
04 Weapon Skin - Hemlok 54 Weapon Skin - Devotion
05 Badge 55 Battle Pass Badge Level 55
06 Voice clip - Bangalore 56 Voice clip - Wraith
07 Apex Coin 57 Apex Coin
08 Tracker - Bloodhound 58 Tracker - Octane
09 Weapon Skin - Prowler 59 Weapon skin - Mastiff
10 Badge 60 Battle Pass Badge Level 60
11 Apex Coin 61 Legend banner
12 XP 62 XP
13 Legend banner 63 Apex Coin
14 Weapon Skin - Longbow 64 Weapon Skin - P2020
15 Badge 65 Battle Pass Badge Level 65
16 Voice clip - Mirage 66 Voice clip - Bloodhound
17 Apex Coin 67 Apex Coin
18 Legend banner 68 Tracker - Lifeline
19 Weapn Skin - Spitfire 69 Weapon Skin - Havoc
20 Battle Pass Badge Level 20 70 Battle Pass Badge Level 70
21 Apex Coin 71 Legend banner
22 XP 72 XP
23 Legend banner 73 Apex Pack
24 Weapon Skin - Mozambique 74 Weapon Skin - R-99
25 Battle Pass Badge Level 25 75 Battle Pass Badge Level 75
26 Apex Pack 76 Voice clip - Octane
27 Voice clip - Pathfinder 77 Apex Coin
28 Tracker - Mirage 78 Tracker - Bangalore
29 Weapon Skin - Kraber 79 Weapon Skin - Wingman
30 Battle Pass Badge Level 30 80 Battle Pass Badge Level 80
31 Apex Coin 81 Legend banner
32 XP 82 XP
33 Tracker - Pathfinder 83 Apex Pack
34 Weapon Skin - EVA-8 Auto 84 Weapon Skin - RE-45
35 Battle Pass Badge Level 35 85 Battle Pass Badge Level 85
36 Voice clip - Caustic 86 Apex Pack
37 Apex Coin 87 Apex Coin
38 Tracker - Caustic 88 Legend banner
39 Weapon Skin - Flatline 89 XP
40 Battle Pass Badge Level 40 90 Battle Pass Badge Level 90
41 Apex Coin 91 Legend banner
42 XP 92 XP
43 Apex Pack 93 Apex Pack
44 Weapon Skin - Alternator 94 Weapon Skin - G7 Scout
45 Battle Pass Badge Level 45 95 Battle Pass Badge Level 95
46 Voice clip - Gibraltar 96 Voice clip - Lifeline
47 Apex Coin 97 Apex Coin
48 Legend Skin 98 Legend banner
49 Weapon Skin - Peacekeeper 99 Weapon Skin R-301 Carbine
50 Battle Pass Badge Level 50 100 Battle Pass Badge Level 100 and Legendary Havoc weapon skin

As a bonus, anyone who plays in Apex Legends Season 1 will get free rewards in the form of one Wild Frontier Legend skin, five Apex Packs, and 18 Wild Frontier Stat Trackers. And, of course, they'll get the chance to check out new Legend Octane, whose jump pads started appearing in-game last week.

Apex Legends Season 1 start date and time

Though it's been a long wait, the time has finally arrived: Apex Legends' first season kicks off tomorrow, Tuesday, March 19 at 10:00 a.m. Pacific time. For players across the globe, this translates to 1 p.m. Eastern US time, 5 p.m. GMT, and 5 a.m. Wednesday AEDT.

The Apex Legends Battle Pass rewards for Season 1 should satisfy your need for cosmetics, Apex Coins, and whatever else you desire. Expect to be unlocking weapon skins, Legend skins, as well as Legend voice clips, banners, and more. Be sure to keep it tuned to Shacknews' Apex Legends home page for more details about the Battle Pass, including tips on how to reach rewards and guides with details on how to complete the season's latest challenges.

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