Apex Legends Season 1: Wild Frontier release date announced

Season 1 of Apex Legends officially has a name: Wild Frontiers. Respawn Entertainment and EA have revealed battle pass details and the launch date, as well.


Fans of Respawn Entertainment well-received take on the battle royale genre have been waiting to see what the first wave of new content will look like and we finally have a date. Season 1 of Apex Legends is called Wild Frontier and launches tomorrow, March 19, at 10:00 AM PT.

Not only do we have a date for Apex Legends Season 1: Wild Frontier, the Respawn Entertainment team has kicked the door open on the game's Battle Pass. Here are the details on the pass, taken from the official Apex Legends webpage:

  • How do I buy the Battle Pass?
    • The Battle Pass can only be purchased in the in-game store using Apex Coins. Launch Apex Legends, navigate to the Battle Pass tab, and purchase the Battle Pass from there. If you need to purchase Apex Coins, you can do that in the store, too.
  • What happens if I buy my Battle Pass late in the season?
    • You’ll receive all the rewards up to your Battle Pass level (which is your current level for the season) retroactively! For example, if you’re on level 20 for the season when you buy the Battle Pass, you’ll unlock all rewards for every level up to 20, plus three special Battle Pass skins.
    • If you buy the Battle Pass Bundle, you’ll get the rewards for 25 levels in addition to the levels you’ve already reached. So, if you’re on level 20 for the season when you buy the Battle Pass Bundle, you’ll get all the rewards through level 45 and the three special Battle Pass skins.    
  • Can I keep leveling my Season 1 Battle Pass after the season ends?
    • No, the rewards available in the Season 1 Battle Pass can only be earned until the season is over. After it ends, you won’t be able to earn new Wild Frontier content.
  • Do I keep my stuff after the season ends?
    • Yes! You keep every Battle Pass reward you’ve unlocked after the season is over.
  • What if I don’t buy the Battle Pass? Can I still earn rewards for free?
    • Yes. Even if you don’t purchase the Battle Pass, you can still earn the following items for free: 
      • 1 Wild Frontier Legend skin
      • 5 Apex Packs
      • 18 Wild Frontier stat trackers
  • If I buy the Battle Pass, can I also get the free rewards?
    • Yes! Everyone can earn the free rewards during Season 1.
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Apex Legends is available now and free-to-play on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. Season 1, called Wild Frontier, goes live at 10:00 AM PT on March 19, 2019. Stay tuned to Shacknews for additional gaming and tech updates.

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