All Artifact locations in The Division 2

Everything you need to know to find all the Artwork, Founding Fathers, Relics and Memorabilia Artifact locations in The Division 2.


If players are looking to 100% The Division 2, then they can begin by finding all Artifact locations. There is a total of 50 Artifacts hidden throughout the streets and buildings of Washington D.C. This includes 13 Artwork pieces, 7 Founding Fathers paintings, 17 pieces of Memorabilia, and 13 Relics. This guide will show you how to find all the Artifacts hidden throughout The Division 2.

While we've tired to steer clear of any big spoilers, players may find some small spoilers throughout. This is your only warning.

all artifact locations in The Division 2
Players can find various Artifacts like Relics, Artwork and pictures of the Founding Fathers all around Washington D.C.

All Artifact locations in The Division 2

Washington D.C. is a big place and finding all of the collectibles hidden throughout the game is going to be exceptionally difficult and time consuming. Thankfully, we’ve taken a lot of the guesswork out of the equation, and below you’ll find detailed descriptions, as well as gifs and images to help you navigate the winding streets and corridors of The Division 2 as you search for these collectible items. To help make navigation easy, we’ve broken each section of this guide down based on the types of Artifacts. You'll also find a table of contents below, which should make navigating this article much easier as we add to it.

Table of Contents
All Artwork locations All Founding Father locations
All Memorabilia locations All Relic locations

All Artwork locations

First up we’re going to show you how to find the various pieces of Artwork hidden around Washington D.C. These pieces can be found in all kinds of different areas. There are 13 total pieces in total. Finding and collecting all 13 pieces of Artwork will reward you with 2,000 e-credits and 5,000 XP.

Portrait of Ginevra de’ Benci

The first piece of Artwork that players can find is located in the White House region of The Division 2. While exploring, make your way towards the southern area of the White House area. Here you’ll find the Ellipse Fuel Depot. Before you can grab this piece of Artwork, you’re going to need to complete the Control Point. Once you gain control, head through the now open door and downstairs. Follow the hall around and you should spot the painting on the wall.

Watson and the Shark

To find the Watson and the Shark Artwork, players are going to need to make their way into Constitution Hall. This region is just west of the White House area and requires a much higher level to infiltrate. You can find this piece of Artwork by looking for a building just east of The Nest Control Point. Located between Constitution Ave. NW and 19th St. NW, players can enter one of the buildings here through a broken window.

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Continue through the building and open the door to the center area. There are several loot containers around here, so pick them up before continuing. This collectible is actually situated on the second floor of this building, though. To access the stairs, continue to the back of the room from where you entered and interact with a keypad. This will trigger the sprinkler system and open the door to the next level of the building. Continue up the stairs and follow the path around until you find this piece of Artwork resting against a wall.

St George and the Dragon

This next collectible Artwork can be found in Downtown East. To find it you’ll need to travel to the building just east of the Demolition Site Control Point. Finding this piece will require you to head downstairs into the Metro. There are a few different entrances you can take, however the most convenient can be found on the corner of F St. NW and 12th St. NW.

Head inside the metro and make your way downstairs. Continue past the little penguin statues that are situated around the area and look for another set of stairs heading down, deeper into the metro. This piece of Artwork can be found resting against a Nutcracker statue to the left as you head down the stairs towards the metro tunnels.

Judith Leyster – Self-Portrait

The fourth piece of Artwork in this set of Artifacts can be found in the Federal Triangle region of Washington D.C. To find it easily, travel to the 1040 Safe House in that region. Once there, head out of the North East exit. Follow the hallway up the stairs and out into a small courtyard. To find the Artwork you’ll need to climb a ladder in the courtyard.

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Once you reach the top of the ladder, look to your left and you should see a couple open windows. Climb inside to find several boxes you can loot, including a weapon case, as well as this collectible Artwork hanging on the wall just down the hall. Grab it to add it to your collection.

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All Founding Father locations

Next up are the locations of all the Founding Father Artifacts hidden throughout The Division 2. There are 7 total pieces for players to find here. Locating all 7 of the Founding Father Artifacts will reward players with a nice bundle of 2,000 e-credits as well as 5,000 XP to add to their current experience pool. We’ve broken down each piece’s location below.

Benjamin Franklin

This Founding Father collectible can be found along the southwestern corner of East Mall, close to the Dark Zone Recon Mission for DZ South. You should see a contaminated area marked on your map, just south of the Control Point in this area. If you travel to this building, and head inside, you’ll be able to make your way through the halls to find this Founding Fathers Artifact.

Head into the building and turn left. Climb through the broken window and then continue into the building. There’s only one real way you can go in this area, so just continue through the building, up to the second floor. You should eventually come to a dead end with a recording and this Founding Fathers Artifact on the wall.

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All Memorabilia locations

There are 17 total pieces of Memorabilia for players to find. So far, from the best that we can tell, each piece is found when players explore of reach a milestone in The Division 2’s main story campaign. Unfortunately, we don’t really have all the information about each piece here just yet, but we will try to update the article with more information about these Artifacts as soon as we can. Finding all 17 pieces of Memorabilia will reward you with 2,000 e-credits and 5,000 XP.

For now, here’s a list of the current pieces of Memorabilia that we’ve unlocked. We’ll update it as we unlock more.

Memorabilia Item Name Item Description
Quarterback Figurine Used to represent Manny Ortega and the White House on the map at the Base of Operations.
Knight Figurine The item used represent the Division Agent Alani Kelso on the map of Washington at the Base of Operations.
Bald Eagle Figurine Represents Odessa Sawyer and the Theater Settlement on the map at the Base of Operations.
Scarecrow Figurine Used to represent the Campus Settlement and Henry Hayes on the map at the Base of Operations.
Statue of Liberty Doll A doll of the Statue of Liberty in New York City.
Uncle Sam Bobble Head A bobblehead figurine of Uncle Sam, the anthropomorphized representation of the Federal Government.
US Capitol Snow Globe A snow globe of the U.S. Capitol building.
White House Snow Globe A snow globe focused around the White House.
White Chess Piece King Represents President Andrew Ellis on the map at the Base of Operations.
Black Chess Piece Rook Used to represent the Castle Settlement on the map of Washington at the Base of Operations.

Descriptions for Memorabilia pulled from The Division 2.

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All Relic locations

Players will find a grand total of 13 Relic Artifacts scattered throughout the streets and buildings of Washington D.C. As with the previous collectibles in this category, finding and collecting all the pieces will grant you 2,000 e-credits and 5,000 XP.

Lewis and Clark Pocket Compass

The first Relic Artifact that we’ll show you how to find can be picked up in the Southwest region of the map. Just north of the No Hope Hotel Control Point, players can find an open set of double doors leading into a building. Head inside and then immediately turn to the right. You should spot a counter that you can hop over. Climb over the counter and look for this Artifact laying on a small cot next to the wall.

Crystal Skull

To easily find this Relic, make your way over to the Final Epiphany Safe House in Downtown East. Once here, head out of the Safe House using the West Exit. This should lead you up to street level and out into a small alleyway.

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Continue through the hole in the fence to the left, and then turn left into the alley and follow it down beside the Safe House. Move through the gate and out through the small courtyard area. Once at the street, look to the right and you should see this Relic next to a bloody body leaning up against the boards next to a small hot dog cart.

George Washington’s Battle Sword and Scabbard

This next Relic can be found while exploring the area around the White House. Head out of the eastern gates and make your way towards Downtown East. Before you leave the final gate heading this direction, though, stop and turn to the left. You should see a couple of trees up in the corner where the fencing runs. If you follow the small path in the grass, you’ll come to a set of freshly dug graves. You can find this collectible Artifact next to the graves. Pick it up to add it to your collection.

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We’ll continue to work on this guide and update it with more Artifact locations as we discover them. Be sure to return to our The Division 2 guide hub for more assistance.

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