Bart enters world of LoL esports in new Simpsons episode

Bart checks out League of Legends and esports in an upcoming episode of The Simpsons.


The new episode, called "E My Sports," a play on Bart's catchphrase "eat my shorts," is set to feature Bart playing a game called Conflict of Enemies in a special tournament setup alongside friends like Milhouse, Ralph, and Nelson as they battle for supremacy.

Simpsons producers actually spoke to League of Legends developer Riot Games in a bid to make the episode as authentic as possible, chasing with LCS commentator David "Phreak" Turley and esports heads Whalen Rozelle and Jarred Kennedy to make sure they got it all right. According to Riot Games, them being involved will help make sure "the experience depicted in the episode was authentic to the players, fans and coaches who compete professionally in League of Legends," so we'll have to see how it all plays out.

There aren't currently any clips out to give us a feel for how the episode will go, but it sounds like an interesting departure for the series, and one wonders how Homer will react to the shenanigans. 

If you enjoy The Simpsons and want to see what kind of adventures Bart gets into, you'll want to tune in this Sunday and see what the creators have in store for you. Whether you like League of Legends or enjoy playing other esports-centric titles, it's likely you'll get a kick out of what the family's up to. 

Simpsons writer Al Jean took to Twitter to share a screengrab of the upcoming episode. It'll likely lampoon esports somehow, or there could be some fun nods to gaming overall within the episode with potential cameos and other cool additions gamers will pick up on. And as usual, Lisa will probably make things frustrating somehow.

We'll see how it all goes down when the episode airs on March 17. Are you looking forward to seeing The Simpsons' take on esports? 

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