Is The Division 2 available on Steam?

Find out if Ubisoft's new hit shooter, The Division 2, is going to be available on Steam.


Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 is finally available for everyone on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation. But, if you’re planning to pick up the game on PC, you’ve probably been asking yourself a few questions. Do I need to use Uplay to play it or is The Division 2 on Steam? We’ve got the answers you need, so let’s dive right in.

Is The Division 2 on Steam?

Unfortunately, for those looking to pick up The Division 2, it is not currently available on Steam and Ubisoft has made no mention of bringing it to Valve’s digital storefront. So, what does this mean? This means you’ll need to purchase the game elsewhere if you wish to play it on the PC.

Currently, The Division 2 is available on a couple of different storefronts for PC players. Obviously, you can purchase it on Ubisoft’s game service, Uplay. But, if you aren’t feeling Uplay for some reason—I wouldn’t blame you—you can also pick up the game on the Epic Games Store. Keep in mind that no matter where you purchase The Division 2, it’s going to require Uplay to play it. But, at least you have a couple of different options for the game.

is The Division 2 available on Steam
Future Agents can pick up The Division 2 on the Epic Games Store.

Right now, these are the only places that you can find The Division 2 on PC. If you’re looking to pick it up, then you’ll need to choose between buying it on the Ubisoft Store/Uplay or through the Epic Games Store. No matter which decision you make, we can help you as you navigate the streets of Washington D.C. with handy guides like how to level up quickly and even a guide on all skills and skill mods.

While you won’t be able to get The Division 2 on Steam, there are still a few options available for PC players looking to dive into the fun. You can also return to our The Division 2 guide hub for more helpful content and strategy guides.

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