How to increase inventory and stash size in The Division 2

Looking for more inventory space in The Division 2? Learn how to increase inventory and stash size tracking down and equipping the Inventory and Stash perks.


It's a story nearly as old as gaming itself: new loot is found, but there's nowhere in the player's inventory to store it. Fortunately, Ubisoft made sure that The Division 2 players had a way to increase their storage potential through the use of special perks. Each of the three Inventory and Stash perks in The Division 2 increase the player's available storage size by a set limit. However, before the perks can be used, agents will have to unlock and then purchase them. Here's how to unlock the Inventory perks and increase the overall storage limit in The Division 2.

The Division 2 Inventory perks - How to increase inventory size

By default, the inventory space made available to agents in The Division 2 is limited to 30 slots maximum. By purchasing one or all of the Inventory perks, players can increase their maximum inventory threefold to a maximum size of 90 slots. Each of the Inventory perks adds a set number of slots, and the total is cumulative. However, players can't simply go for the Inventory 3 perk and double their inventory size — the other perks must be purchased first.

Perk: Description: Total inventory capacity: Cost:
Inventory 1 Inventory capacity increased by 10 slots. 40 slots 1 SHD
Inventory 2 Inventory capacity increased by 20 slots. 60 slots 2 SHD
Inventory 3 Inventory capacity increased by 30 slots. 90 slots 3 SHD

Each of these three perks require a set amount of SHD Tech, the in-game currency, to purchase. Additionally, the Inventory 3 perk can only be purchased once the player hits level 30.

The Division 2 Stash perks - How to increase stash size

In addition to the agent's personal inventory, The Division 2 also features stashes where players can store any items they don't feel like carrying around. Like with the inventory, the stash also has its own Stash perks which increase the available storage space in three tiers.

Perk: Description: Total stash capacity: Cost:
Stash 1 Increase stash stoage capacity by 20 slots. 70 slots 1 SHD
Stash 2 Increase stash stoage capacity by 30 slots. 130 slots 2 SHD
Stash 3 Increase stash stoage capacity by 50 slots. 180 slots 3 SHD

Each of the three Stash perks can be purchased from the Quartermaster for a set amount of SHD Tech. If you're running low on this currency, go out into the world or complete missions to level up. If you're in a rush, we've got some tips on how to earn experience and level up quickly in The Division 2.

Increasing the inventory and stash space in The Division 2 will be crucial as agents push further into the Dark Zones and start scooping up various loot. The Stash and Inventory perks will take some time and some currency to unlock, but once purchased, agents should have more than enough room in their inventory for their many gains, ill-gotten or not. Stay on top of the latest developments in Ubisoft's looter-shooter by browsing through Shacknews' collection of The Division 2 game guides.

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