Skills, mods, and effects in The Division 2

Learn more about the eight different core skills as well as all unique skill mods in Tom Clancy's The Division 2.


Like with the game before it, Tom Clancy's The Division 2 offers a number of skills and skill mods for players to make use of. Given the scope of the new release, the developers at Ubisoft were keen to increase the players' overall number of offensive and defensive capabilities, meaning there are several new abilities that returning players can make use of. Keep reading to learn more about the new and returning skills and skill mods in The Division 2.

The Division 2 skills and skill mods list

There are eight core skill groups in The Division 2, and each features its own set of skill mods that slightly change the effects of the base skill. Many of them will be familiar to gamers who played the first iteration of The Division, whereas new additions like Hive and Chem Launcher open up new battle strategies.

Here's a breakdown of each of the eight core skills and their respective skill mods in The Division 2, with details about the newly-added skills and skill mods pulled straight from the official Tom Clancy's The Division 2 website.

Chem Launcher

One of the most interesting new skills in The Division 2 is the Chem Launcher skill. Operating something like a grenade launcher, the Chem Launcher allows agents to fire canisters loaded with helpful or harmful chemicals.

  • Firestarter - The Firestarter does almost exactly what it implies, spreading a flammable gas over a large area which can be ignited by enemy or allied firearms.
  • Riot Foam - Certain to be one of the more frustrating weapons to content with, the Riot Foam disperses a sticky chemical in a given area, pinning down any enemies stuck in the foam for a set period of time.
  • Oxidizer - Disperses a corrosive chemical that damages enemy armor and mechanical items.
  • Reinforcer - Almost the inverse of the Oxidizer, the Reinforcer disperses a cloud of reparative chemicals that restores armor over time.


The go-to choice for any modern military arsenal, Drones in The Division 2 offer the chance for intel collection, offensive attacks, defensive countermeasures, and even armor restoration.

  • Striker - The default Striker drone includes an on-board turret that fires streams of lead at specified targets.
  • Defender - The Defender drone provides cover for allied agents in a given area by deflected bullets with bursts of microwaves. However, doing so uses much of its power, and it the Defender drone is incapable of shielding itself.
  • Tactician - This drone takes to the skies and relays information regarding enemy positions in the area back to allied agent HUDs. Available as part of the Sharpshooter specialization.
  • Bombardier - The drone of choice for thrill-seekers, the Bombardier drone can be sent out on a bombing run, dropping a barrage of ordnance between two fixed points.
  • Fixer - The Fixer is a friendly little drone that can hover near the player or allied agents and restore their armor over time.


Yet-another flying mechanical friendly, the Firefly skill sends out a drone with several special abilities that weaken or disable enemy units.

  • Blinder - The Blinder Firefly operates much like a traditional flashbang grenade, blinding and temporarily disorienting enemies.
  • Demolisher - The Demolisher is a focused skill that destroys enemy weak points as well as environmental objects littered throughout the city.
  • Burster - A particularly heinous skill, the Burster Firefly sticks explosive charges onto enemies which detonate when two or more enemies are in close proximity to one another.


Another new addition in The Division 2, the Hive skill functions similarly to the game's Drone skills. However, instead of a single unit, the Hive skills send out a cluster of tiny drones to deliver more area-of-effect focused attacks and effects.

  • Stinger - The Stinger skill sends out a swarm of drones that attack any hostiles that wander into range.
  • Restorer - Like the Fixer drone, the Restorer Hive is capable of repairing allied armor.
  • Booster - The Booster Hive provides buffs to nearby agents in The Division 2. Micro-drones seek out allies and "[administer] stimulants to increase combat efficiency—boosting weapon handling, movement and other physical capabilities of the agent."
  • Reviver - One of the most useful skills in the entire game, the Reviver Hive can revive any downed teammates with a specific radius. Even better, the Reviver can be charged to provide increased health and armor upon the ally's revival.


One of the most basic skills in The Division 2, Pulse is used to learn more about the battlefield and display details like the location of hostiles on the agent's heads-up display.

  • Scanner - Sends pulses into the area around the agent, highlighting hostiles and other targets on the HUD.
  • Remote Sensor - Works like a deployable scanner, where agents can scan areas beyond their immediate vicinity.
  • Jammer - Overloads and otherwise disables hostile electronics in the area.

Seeker Mine

Seeker mines give agents a way to track down enemies or allies in order to deliver a harmful or helpful payload. They seek targets specifically, and their ease of use makes Seeker Mine one of the best skills in The Division 2.

  • Explosive - A good old-fashioned homing explosive that seeks out specific targets or groups of enemies.
  • Airburst - Similar in function to the basic Explosive Seeker Mine, except the Airburst fires its payload upward.
  • Mender - The Mender seeks out allied targets and releases a chemical cloud with reparative properties. Mender is available through the Survivalist specialization.
  • Cluster - Sends out a group of smaller explosive drones toward hostile targets, each capable of tracking down individual enemies.


The Shield skill returns from the previous The Division release, once again offering players a defense-oriented option that can protect the player or friendly agents from damage.

  • Ballistic Bulwark - This full-size shield offers greatly increased defense against incoming damage, but rules out the use of any weapons other than sidearms.
  • Remote Sensor - Smaller than the Ballistic Bullwark, the Remote Sensor covers the agent's torso only but allows for the use of most weapons.
  • Deflector - Reflects bullets fired at the agent back toward nearby targets. Deflector oesn't cover the agent's entire body, nor does it allow for any weapons other than sidearms to be used.


One of the classic tools in any defense-oriented build, Turrets in The Division 2 allow agents to lay down suppressing fire over an area or mow down enemies by taking advantage of the environment.

  • Assault - Basic assault turret tracks enemies in the area and can be locked onto specific targets.
  • Incinerator - Flamethrower turret with a reduced effective range. Makes for a great defense in narrow alleyways and corridors.
  • Artillery - The Artillery turret functions somewhat like a mortar, bombarding pre-defined areas with explosive shells. Part of the Demolitionist Specialization.
  • Sniper - A long-range semi-automatic turret with high damage and a low rate of fire. Targets must be manually defined.

With a deeper understanding of the skills and skill mods in Tom Clancy's The Division 2, players should stand a much better chance of besting the opposition. Find more details, lists, and strategies concerning Ubisoft's latest release by browsing through Shacknews' collection of The Division 2 game guides.

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