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Hearthstone expansion teaser #4 reveals ringleader Rafaam

Hearthstone's next expansion teaser calls up Dr. Boom, but the big news is who's gathered these villains. It's League of Explorers big bad Rafaam.


Hearthstone continues its considerably long tease for its next expansion. The idea appears to be that Blizzard is getting together a team of villains to vex the good people of Azeroth. A handful of baddies have already joined forces and the latest one shouldn't be too much of a surprise, given how Monday's tease ended. Dr. Boom has indeed been recruited to join this band of troublemakers, but the real surprise is who called them all together.

Throughout the last week, Hearthstone players have followed along as Whispers of the Old Gods fortune teller Madam Lazul called up Dr. Boom, King Togwaggle, and Hagatha the Witch. But it turns out that she's not the ringleader. The one who called all these antagonists together is Arch-Thief Rafaam, the self-proclaimed Supreme Archeologist and the big bad behind the League of Explorers adventure.

Rafaam's reasons for calling together these villains is unknown. But if he's called together Togwaggle, Hagatha, and Dr. Boom, it's certainly going to be bad news for Azeroth. With the reveal of the Year of the Dragon, Blizzard promised a greater focus on PvE expansion content, which includes a year-long story. And with Rafaam essentially assembling his own Legion of Doom, that certainly seems to lend itself to the idea of a longer-form narrative. Even with the bad guys coming out the shadows, details of what exactly this Solo Adventure entails or what Hearthstone's next expansion is are unknown.

Shacknews will continue to monitor what's become an intriguing situation. Information about Hearthstone's next expansion, including its release date, remain a mystery. When the expansion does release, it'll mark the beginning of the next Standard year, meaning Journey to Un'Goro, Knights of the Frozen Throne, and Kobolds & Catacombs expansion will all rotate out into Wild. Find more information on the Year of the Dragon on the Hearthstone website.

And if you wish to revisit the first battle against Rafaam, well... I guess we could blow some dust off this old League of Explorers guide.

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