Tekken World Tour 2019 full schedule and list of winners

The Tekken World Tour is set to begin its third season and Shacknews has the full schedule and winners list for reference.


Bandai Namco is ready to move forward with a third season of the Tekken World Tour. This fighting game circuit brings together the best players in the Tekken 7 world and looks to crown the absolute best of the best.

The third year of the Tekken World Tour is set to reward over $185,000 in prizes over the course of the year, with $100,000 reserved for the Tekken World Tour Finals.

It'll be a long road to the Tekken World Tour Finals in Thailand. Dozens of tournaments will be played throughout the year and Shacknews has the full schedule in place. Here are the tournament categories, as noted by the Tekken World Tour website:

  • Master+: EVO 2019 is the only tournament of this category and will award Ranking Points to those who place 1st through 49th.
  • Master: There are 13 major tournaments throughout the globe. These award Ranking Points to those who place 1st through 25th.
  • Challenger: These are regionals, which award Ranking Points to those who place 1st through 13th.
  • Dojo: Dojo tournaments will be named throughout the year and vary depending on TWT approval. Ranking point dispersal will vary depending on number of entrants.

Specific point allocation amounts can be seen below.

Tekken World Tour 2019 point system

Here's the full schedule for Season 3 of the Tekken World Tour. We'll update the winners over the course of the year.

(Last updated: 3/13/19)

Date Tournament Location Category Prize Bonus Winner
April 20-21 The Mixup Lyon, France Master $5,000 --
April 26-28 Northwest Majors Seattle, WA Challenger $1,000 --
May 3-5 Headstomper Malmo, Sweden Challenger $1,000 --
May 11-12 Roxnroll Korea Goyang, South Korea Master $5,000 --
May 17-19 Battle Arena Melbourne Melbourne, Australia Master $5,000 --
May 24-26 Combo Breaker St. Charles, IL Master $5,000 --
June 1 Electric Clash Toronto, Ontario, Canada Challenger $1,000 --
June 6-8 Taipei Major Taipei, Taiwan Challenger $1,000 --
June 15-16 Fighting Games Challenge Poland Master $5,000 --
June 22-23 Thaiger Uppercut Bangkok, Thailand Challenger $1,000 --
June 28-30 CEO Daytona Daytona Beach, FL Master $5,000 --
July 6-7 Osaka Challenger Osaka, Japan Challenger $1,000 --
July 20-21 VSFighting Birmingham, UK Master $5,000 --
August 2-4 EVO 2019 Las Vegas, NV Master+ $5,000 --
August 17-19 Collision 2019 Peru Master $5,000 --
September 7-8 Cape Town Showdown Cape Town, South Africa Challenger $1,000 --
September 13-15 Kumite in Texas Arlington, TX Challenger $1,000 --
September 21-22 Clash of the Olympians Athens, Greece Challenger $1,000 --
September 28-29 Rev Major Manila, Philippines Master $5,000 --
October 5-6 SoCal Challenger Orange County, CA Challenger $1,000 --
October 19-20 Berlin Tekken Clash Berlin, Germany Challenger $1,000 --
October 26-27 Tokyo Masters Tokyo, Japan Master $5,000 --
November 1 TXT (Tekken Extreme Tournament) Argentina Challenger $1,000 --
November 8-9 Roxnroll Dubai Dubai, UAE Master $5,000 --
November 15-17 DreamHack Atlanta Atlanta, GA Master $5,000 --
TBD Tekken World Tour Finals Bangkok, Thailand Finals $100,000 --

All Tekken World Tour events will be contested in a double elimination format. For more information, be sure to check out the full Tekken World Tour rules.

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