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Black Ops 4 adds leprechauns with Shamrock & Awe event

Black Ops 4 is feeling the luck of the Irish with a St. Patrick's Day themed Shamrock & Awe event that features leprechauns.


St. Patrick's Day is just around the corner, but it's not often that gaming offers any events to honor this Irish holiday. Sure, video games will celebrate Christmas, Halloween, and occasionally Fourth of July and Valentine's Day. But there doesn't seem to be a high demand for St. Patty's Day. Black Ops 4 is looking to change this with an in-game event called, appropriately enough, Shamrock & Awe.

Just on the heels of the continuing Operation Grand Heist event, Tuesday kicks off holiday-themed Shamrock & Awe activities across all of Black Ops 4. Battle royale mode Blackout will fill up with cosmetic effects, like green grenade smoke and shamrock-adorned supply crates. But the most noticeable change to Blackout comes in the form of the Houmculus Leprechauns. These are monstrous, yet whimsicl, creatures, who will drop special rewards. They'll be in high-demand, so expect plenty of firefights to break out around the Homunculus Leprechaun locations.

Meanwhile, Zombies will see the Homunculus Leprehaun take a much more dangerous form. Players can find special Homunculus transformations, which allows them to wreak all sorts of havoc on the undead. Meanwhile, random zombies with green hues around their eyes will appear over the course of each session, each offering rewards upon their defeat.

Black Ops 4 - Shamrock & Awe

Lastly, there's traditional Multiplayer, which brings back the classic Fracture mode, now renamed Stockpile. Fallen opponents will drop shamrocks, which must be taken back to your team's Pot of Gold. The holiday theme will continue through St. Patrick's Day, after which Stockpile will stick around with traditional textures.

Anyone who logs into Black Ops 4 during the Shamrock & Awe event will receive the Precious gesture and an animated calling card for free. The Shamrock & Awe event will run from now through March 26. More information about this two-week event can be found on the Activision website.

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