Best perks to unlock first in The Division 2

Find out what the best perks to unlock first are, and why you should unlock them in The Division 2.


Like the previous game, there are a lot of perks for players to unlock and acquire in The Division 2. If you want to make the most of your time in the game, then knowing what the best perks to unlock first will be vital to your time in The Division 2. In this guide we’ll show you the best perks, as well as discuss why you should unlock these perks.

Best perks to unlock first

With over 19 perk categories to choose from, finding the best perks early on is going to be key, especially as SHD Tech becomes more and more scarce throughout The Division 2’s main campaign. To make the most of your SHD Tech, we’ve put together a list of some of the best perks we found during our time with the game. The perks we’ve chosen below will not only help you earn experience, but also allow you to restock better, and even get your hands on some nice upgrades to your inventory layout.

best perks to unlock in The Division 2 - perk list
Once you unlock a perk, it automatically activiates, granting you whatever bonus you purchased.


One of the best perks to grab ahold of early on is Restock 1 and Restock 2. The first upgrade for this perk will allow your Armor Kits to restock whenever you enter a safe space, while the second will refill all of your grenades. Keeping your Armor Kits topped off is extremely vital in The Division 2, as without armor, your health quickly drops when under fire.

Armor Kit

Building off our last recommendation, picking up some of the Armor Kit perks is going to be a good idea as well. Putting SHD Tech into this category will grant you access to additional Armor Kits, for a total of 6 Armor Kits when you’ve unlocked all three upgrades. While you don’t need to upgrade to Armor Kit 3 that early on, we’d at least suggest picking up Armor Kit 1 to bring your total kits up to 4. This is more than enough to be able to heal up during a fight.

best perks to unlock in The Division 2 - SHD Tech on map
SHD Tech can be spotted on the map by looking out for this icon in the various areas of the world.

Experience Perks

If you’re looking to maximize how much experience you’re earning, then some of the best perks to grab first can be found here. These perks include things like Headshot Accolade, Multi-kill Accolade, Weakpoints Accolade, and Tactical Kill Accolade. Basically, by unlocking each of these perks, you’ll find yourself earning even more experience as you traverse Washington D.C. Eventually, you can even unlock Survivor, which rewards your increasing XP bonuses for staying alive for a long period of time—whether you’re running solo or playing with a group.


Finally, the fourth set of perks we recommend unlocking early on are the Inventory perks. Comprised of Inventory 1, Inventory 2, and Inventory 3, these perks will grant you additional slots in your backpack, allowing you to carry more items. This means less time will have to be spent organizing your inventory after each mission, which will allow you to focus on playing the game and progressing even more. You won’t be able to unlock Inventory 3 until you reach Level 30 but grabbing at least the first or second tier will make life easier.

Additional perks to unlock

While we highly recommend focusing the perks we’ve listed above, there are still plenty to choose from. Picking up some of the various weapon attachment perks like Grip 1 and Optics 1 will give you some additional hardware to work with. You might also want to pick up the Deconstruction 1 perk if you plan on crafting in The Division 2, as it will grant you more crafting materials when you deconstruct different gear and weapons.

best perks to unlock in The Division 2 - quartermaster location
Be sure to visit the Quartermaster regularly to unlock new perks using the SHD Tech you've acquired.

Alternatively, Resources 1 and Resources 2 will let you carry more vital items like food and water, which your settlements and projects will need to grow. No matter which perks you decide to go with, you’ll find plenty of helpful options whenever you visit the Quartermaster. That being said, make sure you collect plenty of SHD Tech as you explore the world. Be sure to follow the official Division Twitter for the latest info from the developers!

Now that you know the best perks to unlock first, make sure you also return to our The Division 2 guides, where you can find additional help and strategy content to assist you in your quest to save Washington D.C.

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