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What is a Reaper Synth in Destiny 2?

Here's everything you need to know about what a Reaper Synth is, how to get more of them, and even how you use them in Destiny 2.


Destiny 2: Season of the Drifter has begun, and the first update, Joker’s Wild, brings two new game modes and several new items into the fray. One of these items, the Reaper Synth, is extremely useful for Guardians in the end-game phase of Destiny 2. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about the Reaper Synth, including how to get more, where you use it, and what a Reaper Synth is.

What is a Reaper Synth?

If you’ve been diving into Joker’s Wild, then you’ve most likely come across a Reaper Synth, or one of its counterparts. These new items can be used alongside the Weak Synthesizer to create special motes, which you can then activate in The Reckoning. Taking part in The Reckoning is crucial to unlocking Gambit Prime armor, which means you’re going to need to know what a Reaper Synth is, and how you use it.

Destiny 2 Reaper Synth details
The Reaper Synth will allow you to craft Reaper Motes that you can use in The Reckoning.

Guardians now have a new max level and Power Level cap in Destiny 2.

A Reaper Synth is one of four different synths that players can obtain in Joker’s Wild. When used in the Weak Synthesizer, this item will create a Weak Reaper Mote, which you can activate in the bank at the start of The Reckoning. When done, this will open a portal that you can enter. Complete the event inside the portal and you’ll be rewarded with a special piece of armor that grants you unique perks when you have multiple pieces equipped.

If you already have some of the Reaper Synth pieces, you can use the Reaper Synth directly from your inventory to be granted +3 boost to your armor's set bonus. This allows you to utilize more of the armor specific perks without having to own and equip more of the armor pieces.

How to get more Reaper Synths

Now that you know what a Reaper Synth is, let’s talk about how you can acquire more of this precious item. One of the best ways to obtain synths is to complete Gambit Prime matches, or take part in The Reckoning. Whenever you complete a match in Gambit Prime, you can be rewarded with a random synth. This can range from an Invader Synth to a Collector Synth or even a Reaper Synth or Sentry Synth.

Destiny 2 Notorious Reaper Robes
Warlocks can acquire the Notorious Reaper Robes by completing different tiers of The Reckoning.

You can also complete The Reckoning alongside your friends to earn additional synths. Whenever your friends, or another Fireteam member activate The Reckoning using their own motes, you’ll be rewarded with a random synth upon completion of the event. If you complete The Reckoning after you activate it with your own mote, though, you’ll instead be rewarded with Gambit Prime armor matching the mote type that you used in the bank.

You can use your Reaper Synths to complete your Reaper Gambit Prime armor, which will grant you some unique perks when playing Gambit with multiple pieces from the set. Make sure you also head back over to our Destiny 2 complete strategy guide for more help in Joker’s Wild.

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