Fortnite v8.01 patch notes introduce buried treasure

Expanding the pirate adventure and a new LTM are just some of the things included in the latest Fortnite update.


Another week, another Fortnite update, and this time patch v8.01 adds some more pirate goodness to the game. The latest Fortnite patch notes for March 6th detail the addition of pirate maps. These maps will take players on a journey across the island in search for buried treasure. Players will need to locate the X on the map, figure out where it is, and then head to the location and start digging. There are some important things to note about the buried treasure:

  • Chests contain a trove of legendary loot.
  • X marks the spot! The chest must be dug up using a pickaxe.

Players will also only be able to hold one map at a time, so find one piece of treasure and then move on. The treasure is also guaranteed to be of legendary rarity, making it all the more appealing to hunt down.

Also included in this week’s update is a brand new Limited Time Mode called Slide Duos. This game mode, as the name suggests, is all about working with a partner to win, but the key difference is that there’s a major lack of friction. Players’ feet will be covered in ice, the maximum run speed will cranked up, fall damage will be removed, and the Grappler will have infinite ammo. Expect a lot of hilarious shenanigans as you and your friend slip around the world, grappling from point to point.

For those that had fun with the bottle rockets, unfortunately that time comes to an end. The explosive device has been vaulted, but hopefully we’ll see it return in a future update. While they haven’t been removed, the clinger and infantry rifle have had their availability reduced, making them a much rarer item to find.

The Save the World mode has also seen a bit of love in update v8.01. Players will find a new champion available for purchase in the store, a soldier with a pretty awesome set of armor. Furthermore, various hero and gameplay fixes have been introduced to smooth over some bothersome bugs. You can check out the full list of changes and improvements over on Epic Games.

It’s a fairly light update for Fortnite this week, but given that Season 8 has only just launched, it’s not too surprising. Season 8’s update was one of the biggest ones yet, with massive changes to weapon damage, item spawns, as well as huge sweeping updates to the island. Be sure to choose Shacknews as your drop spot for all the latest Fortnite news and guides!

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