Stylish Points and Style Ranks in Devil May Cry 5

Clear Devil May Cry 5's missions with more Stylish Points to earn better Style Ranks and rewards.


Being stylish in Devil May Cry 5 means more than just using a cool-looking sword, it means earning as many Stylish Points as possible. Players looking to get SSS Ranks during combat or earn an S Rank post-mission will want to focus on getting more Stylish Points. The Style system in Devil May Cry 5 is pretty easy to understand, but it can be difficult to master.

What is the Style system?

Devil May Cry 5 Style Ranks
Every attack rewards Stylish Points and the more you get the higher your Style Rank will climb.

The Style system in Devil May Cry 5 is a ranking system that rewards – you guessed it – style. Whenever the player attacks an enemy, they will begin to level up their Style Rank. The ranking starts at D and progresses through C, B, and A. These are the main levels that average players will be able to maintain, however experienced and extremely stylish players will be looking to aim higher.

For those players that continue to practice, the S levels of Style Rank await them. Beyond A the style ranking continues into S, SS, and SSS. The style level that players reach during a mission will impact the rank they receive at the end of a mission.

How does the Style system work?

As mentioned above, every hit that connects with an enemy and every demon that is defeated is rewarded with a certain amount of style points. The amount of style rewarded changes depending on the difficulty of the attack. Shooting a demon from a distance is going to give next to no style while stringing together combos is going to reward far more.

Though players will need to fight with brutal efficiency to climb the style ranks, it is exceptionally easy to lose it all. Getting hit by a single attack from an enemy will drop the style rank down one or two tiers.

How to get more Stylish Points

Devil May Cry 5 Stylish Points
Earning the coveted SSS Stylish Ranking is going to take a bit of practice in Devil May Cry 5.

Due to how the style system works, getting more Stylish Points is all about combos and lavish manoeuvres. To get more Stylish Points throughout a level, players will need to acquire more skills and abilities, and string them together.

When fighting a single demon, try to avoid spamming the same attack repeatedly. Try dashing in to them using Nero’s Devil Breaker move, or switching fighting stances when playing as Dante. Follow up these attacks with a flurry of well-timed combos and then throw in some ranged attacks using the pistols or rocket launcher.

The main take away to getting more Stylish Points is to focus on variety. The more variety you inject into your killing of demons, the fancier you’ll look and the faster you’ll hit those higher style ranks. And probably the most important tip when trying to get more Stylish Points in Devil May Cry 5 is: do not get hit.

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