THQ Nordic's CEO apologizes for 8chan AMA

THQ Nordic's CEO issued an official apology for hosting an AMA on 8chan, of all places.


THQ Nordic AB CEO and co-founder Lars Wingefors has taken to an official memo with an apology for last week's controversial AMA session held on 8chan.

“This letter is to offer my sincerest apologies and regret for THQ Nordic GmbH Vienna’s interaction with the controversial website 8chan last Tuesday, Feb. 26,” said Wingefors via official statement on the 8chan incident. “I condemn all unethical content this website stands for. Even if no one within the THQ Nordic Group would ever endorse such content, I realize simply appearing there gave an implicit impression that we did.”

The AMA was hosted and invited immediate backlash from those in the community and media in the gaming industry. 8chan has an extremely negative reputation, and as such it was an ill-advised decision to hold an AMA there, inviting some particularly unsavory comments and readers that were intermingled in the company's attempts at serious chats with its consumers.

“I have spent the past several days conducting an internal investigation into this matter," continued Wingefors. "I assure you that every member of the organization has learned from this past week’s events. I take this matter very seriously and we will take appropriate action to make sure we have the right policies and systems in place to avoid similar mistakes in the future.”

Wingefors made sure to emphasize that the company does absolutely support equality and diversity and is in fact working to combat any sort of misconduct or harassment in the industry that happens within the organization or outside of it. While the apology is undoubtedly appreciated, it likely isn't going to change the company's perception in the eyes of the public right now for having the AMA in the first place.

What do you think about the way the company handled the situation? Let us know in the comments below.

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