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How long are Destiny 2 servers down for maintenance

Find out how long Destiny 2 servers will be down as Bungie rolls out the game's latest update and fixes.


Often, Bungie will bring the servers for Destiny 2 down for scheduled maintenance or in preparation for updates. These downtimes can vary from time to time, but if you’re curious how long Destiny 2 servers will be down for maintenance, then we can help you understand things a bit better.

How long are Destiny 2 servers down?

Depending on how big the update is, or even what the scheduled maintenance plans are, Destiny 2 servers could be down anywhere from one hour to three or four hours. For big updates—like the Joker’s Wild update—players can usually expect roughly three hours or more. This means players will need to find something else to do during that period. In fact, that might be a good time to catch up on all the latest Destiny 2 guides that we’ve put together, where you’ll be able to find help in just about anything you might be struggling with.

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If you’re really curious how long the expected downtime will be, then you can often find information about the latest downtimes that Bungie has scheduled on the officially Bungie website. They’ll usually provide a pretty in-depth line-up of when you can expect services to go offline, as well as when you can expect them to come back online and allow you to play again.

No matter what kind of scheduled downtime the Destiny 2 servers find themselves facing, you can always expect Bungie to release some kind of Tweet on the official Destiny Twitter account once the servers come back online and you can play again.

Now that you know how long to expect Destiny 2 servers to be down for maintenance, be sure you check out our complete Destiny 2 strategy guide for all the help you need in becoming the best Guardian that you can be.

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