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Ape Out's jazz soundtrack explored in Devolver Digital video

Ape Out features a reactive, procedural soundtrack carried by a simulated jazz drummer, resulting in an experience tailored to each player's actions.


Three developers, Gabe Cuzzillo, Bennett Foddy, and Matt Boch, team up for the Devolver Digital-published for the rhythmic, violent Ape Out, which is available now on PC and Nintendo Switch. In it, players control an escaped Ape as it fights for freedom, and the action is accentuated by a reactive jazz score. You read that correctly.

Ape Out's stylized visual design already gives it a distinct personality, but the procedural music takes it to another level and you can see (and hear) how it works in the video published by Devolver Digital on its official YouTube channel.

While playing Ape Out, the experience a simulated jazz drummer plays along with you. One of the key aspects of jazz is the ability to adapt to different rhythms and the jazz drummer in Ape Out adapts to a player's input in a similar fashion. As the pace increases and more action goes down on screen, the drummer picks up the pace and hits the drums harder. As things slow down, so does the performance. The different situations or areas the player works through also features different rhythms altogether, each one similarly impacted by the player's actions.

Each area has a unique sound and, with the drummer drawing from thousands of samples, each player will experience unique improvisational jazz tunes. You may not have even expected such a quality homage to the eclectic nature of jazz to come from a top-down action game featuring an ape, but here we are. It's a real and impressive thing we didn't realize we needed in our lives.

Ape Out jazz music procedural generation reactive soundtrack

Ape Out launched on February 28, 2019, and is available now for PC and Nintendo Switch. So, go pick up your device of choice and start tapping your toes as you slam your captors into a wall and escape captivity. Stay tuned to Shacknews for additional gaming and tech updates.

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