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Thomas the Tank Engine RE2 mod makes Mr. X less scary

Thomas the Tank Engine comes to Resident Evil 2, replacing Mr. X for a somewhat less terrifying set of encounters.


A new Resident Evil 2 mod for PC players takes Thomas the Tank Engine and transplants him into the game, replacing the terrifying Tyrant Mr. X with the children's TV character.

This latest mod is just one in a long line of others out there, such as those that transform Skyrim's dragons into hooting and hollering copies of Macho Man Randy Savage or My Little Pony characters. Like the popular mod that took Resident Evil 2's game and injected DMC's "X Gon' Give It To Ya" into scenes when Mr. X would appear for a comical twist on a moment many find absolutely terrifying.

Modder ZombieAli and DJ Pop worked together to bring this Thomas conversion together, and you can experience it on your own at home rather than having to rely on a YouTube video to see it come together. Download the Thomas model via MediaFire and the music and sound effects necessary for the mod via this Steam link.

It will replace Mr. X's theme song with the Thomas the Tank Engine theme song, replace Mr. X's stomp sound effect with the moving train sound effect, and replace his punch with Thomas's whistle. While some will undoubtedly say it's funnier than scary, others will definitely disagree. Looking into Thomas's dead eyes can be a hell all on its own, and you sure wouldn't want to run into the tank engine in a dark alleyway, or anywhere he might be able to run over you or something weird like that.

If you feel your own personal Resident Evil 2 is sorely lacking in Thomas or other meme-worthy interactions, make sure you grab this free mod and go to town with it. Next thing you know, someone's going to add Percy to the game. God help us all, then. We're gonna need it.

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