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Don't Starve Together refreshes Winona next week

The co-op survival adventure Don't Starve Together is keeping close to its 2019 roadmap and is in line to issue its first character fresh for Winona next week.


Developer Klei Entertainment has been making life away from civilization fun for the past several years. And the updates to both Don't Starve and Don't Starve Together continue to come out of the woodwork. The next big update for Don't Starve Together is set to release next week, which will adjust one of the co-op survival game's existing characters.

"Winona has been hard at work since landing in the Constant, and she’s invented a couple new ingenious tools!" reads the Klei forums. "Always ready to roll up her sleeves and lend a helping hand, her new Catapult and Spotlight inventions will be sure to keep her new pals safe, no matter what dangers head their way."

Winona's biggest changes involve her tool set and her weaponry. Both her Catapult and Spotlight will require a rechargeable Generator to keep them powered. Winona's Generator will offer up a full day's worth of power, using nitre as fuel. But if you can put together Winona's G.E.M.erator, you'll get six day's worth of power. But as its name implies, you'll need gems to power it up.

Players will need to manage their resources carefully when utilizing Winona's unique skill set. Speed-crafting will now consume hunger and if Winona is hungry, she'll craft at a slower rate.

Klei is promising more for this next Don't Starve Together update. The developer is promising substantial changes to the drop system, as well as a new animated short on the day of the next update. All of this follows the Don't Starve Together 2019 roadmap, which is promising character refreshes once a month. With Klei staying in line with this path, the next major Don't Starve Together content update is in line for a mid-April release.

The next Don't Starve Together update is set to arrive on Thursday, March 7 on PC, with the console versions set to get this update later.

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