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Mophie Juice Pack Access for iPhone XS Max, XS, and XR out now

Grab Mophie Juice Pack Access now for your iPhone to keep it supercharged at all times.


Always suffering from low batter with your new iPhone because you're using it all day? You might want to pick up a new Mophie Juice Pack Access battery case.

The selection of Mophie Juice Pack Access cases are available now for iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR. They'll give you a massive energy boost when you're about to run out. The $99.95 phone case charges your iPhone utilizing 5W wireless charging, which leaves your Lightning port free to use accessories. It's the first case in Mophie's line to do just that, and you can start the charging process anywhere with a simple flick of a switch.

Apple also makes Smart Battery Cases you can choose form, but Mophie's line is actually $29 less. They charge slower and feature a bit less battery capacity. Using the Smart Battery Case from Apple, you can check your phone's battery level from your device, but Mophie's has you using an LED battery indicator on the side of the case.

To compare the batteries, the Juice Pack Access has a 2,200mAh battery for the iPhone XS Max version and a 2,000mAh battery for the XR and XS cases, while the Smart Battery has two 1,369mAh batteries powering it. This will net you 25 hours of talk time if using an X or XS, and 31 hours if using the XR. You can charge the cases themselves via Qi wireless charger or USB-C if you need it charged up in a flash.

If you're interested in checking out one of the cases, you can find it here via the official Mophie website. Having used a Mophie case in the past, they do offer a nice little extension to your battery if you can deal with the bulkiness and slight unattractiveness of the case, but if you're on the go often and need that extra something, it's well worth the admission price.

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