Purple orb locations in Devil May Cry 5

Increase the amount of Devil Trigger actions Dante and V and perform by finding all the purple orbs in Devil May Cry 5.


Upgrading the Devil Trigger in Devil May Cry 5 requires finding purple orb fragments hidden around each level. These purple orbs can be quite diffuclt to find and are often in hard-to-reach spots. Players looking to increase the amount of moves Dante and V can perform will want to locate all the purple orb fragments and buy all available orbs from Nico.

All purple orb locations

Purple orb fragments Devil May Cry 5
Collection purple orb fragments to increase the Devil Trigger gauge.

There are a few purple orb fragments to find and collect in Devil May Cry 5. Much like the blue orb fragments, these purple orb fragments require four to be found before forming one whole orb. However, players looking to shortcut the process and upgrade the Devil Trigger faster can do so by purchasing whole purple orbs from Nico, for a price:

  • Purple Orb 1: 3,500 red orbs
  • Purple Orb 2: 6,000 red orbs
  • Purple Orb 3: 9,000 red orbs
  • Purple Orb 4: 18,000 red orbs
  • Purple Orb 5: 40,000 red orbs

To purchase all five purple orbs from Nico will cost players 76,500 red orbs. Make sure you know how to get more red orbs so you can upgrade the Devil Trigger faster.

Mission 4

A purple orb fragment can be found when playing as V in mission 4. Clear the bridge, and after it collapses, enter the building directly ahead to find the purple orb fragment.

Mission 5

Another purple orb fragment can be found in mission 5. After defeating the mini boss in the construction site, follow the small path into the next area where another tentacle busts through the roof. Instead of going all the way into the room, turn around and look above the tunnel to spot the purple orb fragment.

Mission 11

This purple orb fragment can be found during mission 11 when playing as Dante. After the fight on the circular platform, a doorway will unlock revealing a purple orb fragment.

Mission 12

When playing as Dante in mission 12, this purple orb fragment can be found just by the blood fountain puzzle. Go through one of the doors blocked by a nidhog pedestal, defeat the enemies in the arena, and climb the ramp to the purple orb fragment.

There aren’t a lot of purple orb fragments to find in Devil May Cry 5, but those that are available are quite well hidden. Spend the time collecting all the purple orb fragments, as this will ensure that Dante and V can both use their major abilities more often. Be sure to check out our guide on where to find all the secret missions, so you can continue to upgrade the characters’ vitality!

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