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Destiny 2 Season of the Drifter pinnacle weapons and perks

Destiny 2 unveiled plans for the Season of the Drifter, including three new pinnacle weapons and their respective perks.


With the Destiny 2 Annual Pass players are getting another season of end-game content to dig into, this time called the Season of the Drifter. This means big changes to Gambit, but a new season also brings new pinnacle weapons. Pinnacle Weapons are fully masterworked weapons that are earned by an in-game grind. Below you will find all three Pinnacle Weapons for Season of the Drifter and their unique perks that you can look forward to.

Season of the Drifter pinnacle weapons

  • The Recluse SMG - Crucible pinnacle weapon
  • 21% Delirium Heavy Machine Gun - Gambit pinnacle weapon
  • Oxygen SR3 Scout Rifle - Vanguard pinnacle weapon

While we don’t yet know how to earn these weapons, we do know what they are called, what they are, and what unique perks each one comes with. That should be all you need to decide which one to grind for first.

The Recluse SMG

Recluse SMG Pinnacle Weapon

This is a Crucible pinnacle weapon in the form of an SMG. Its unique perk is that kills with any weapon improve this weapon’s damage for a short time. This should help players who are used to pushing the pace and actively hunting down their opponents. The more you kill, the better you are at killing.

21% Delirium Heavy Machine Gun

21% Delirium Heavy Machine Gun Pinnacle Weapon

This is the Gambit pinnacle weapon, and I’m betting it’s the most popular of the three. First, players love Heavy Machine Guns. Secondly, its unique perk states that kills increase damage until you stow or reload the weapon. Imagine invading with this gun in Gambit. Each Guardian you take down buffs the damage you do to the next. This thing is built for squad wipes and would carry over nicely to the Crucible.

Oxygen SR3 Scout Rifle

Oxygen SR3 Scout Rifle Pinnacle Weapon

The Vanguard pinnacle weapon is perhaps the runt of the litter. Scout Rifles just aren’t in a good place as it is, and the unique perk of precision hits granting bonus damage on the next Dragonfly kill just doesn’t do it for me. Perhaps if Scout Rifles were better, this would be something I’d use rather than grind for just to have before stuffing it in the vault forever. That’s a shame, too, because I loved me some Scout Rifles back in the day.

To stay updated with everything Bungie has going on with pinnacle weapons and Season of the Drifter, visit the Destiny 2 complete strategy guide to browse all our efforts.


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