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Enter the Dark Zone in this new Division 2 trailer

The newest trailer for The Division 2 takes viewers into the Dark Zone.


The latest trailer for The Division 2 wants you to enter the Dark Zone.

The menacing new clip of the game gives us just enough exciting footage of the game to pore over before its open beta kicks off tomorrow. The Dark Zone of The Division 2 is a series of "forsaken" and "lawless" areas that you just want to steer clear of if you're able to at all. The only thing is that it's teeming with good stuff you'll want to rifle through and loot, so you'll definitely have to end up braving the area.

The trailer kicks off with the visual of a massive flare being shot into the sky and leads into some of the Division's crew exploring the harrowing Dark Zones.

"To survive, we must find out what motivates our very existence. Will we help those in need? Will we cave into temptation? Will we betray our own instincts? The deeper we go, the closer we get to finding out what we are capable of doing," says the narrator as the action begins to ramp up.

There are actually three different Dark Zones in The Division 2, which can host 12 players apiece. It's a similar concept from the first game, where you've got to put your life on the line to get the best items in the game. You can either work with your teammates or betray them as you see fit. Some loot will be able to be equipped right away when you find it (meaning it's "clean") and other items won't be clear for utilization until you've made it that way.

If you try out the Dark Zone tutorial mission in the upcoming open beta, you'll get a special backpack accessory that you can use when the game finally debuts on March 15. The open beta is available from March 1 through March 4, and you can preload now.

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