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Interview: HADES could come to Nintendo Switch in the future

Super Giant Games latest game could make the jump to the Nintendo Switch and other platforms in the future.


Greg Kasavin, the Creative Director at Super Giant Games, has been a very busy man. With their latest title, HADES, available in Early Access, Kasavin and the team have been working nonstop behind the scenes to make the game as good as it can possibly be. We recently had a chance to catch up with Kasavin and talk about the game, how it’s evolving in early access, and even if they plan to bring it to the Nintendo Switch and other platforms in the future.

If you haven’t kept an eye on HADES, it’s essentially an action role-playing game with some rogue-like mechanics. It’s a well-blended experience over all, and since the game’s early access debut in December of 2018, Super Giant Games have been working hard to continually update it with new features, bug fixes, and optimizations.

During our what with Kasavin, Greg Burke posed an interesting question to the Creative Director. Will HADES ever come to the Nintendo Switch? The answer wasn’t quite a resounding yes, but according to Kasavin, “hopefully HADES will be on a variety of platforms once we finish our early access period.” He went on to say that they hope to finish out in early access sometime next year, which means we could see the game make it’s jump to Switch and other consoles—like the Xbox One and PlayStation 4—somewhere down the line.

Sure, it isn’t a definitive answer, but those who enjoy their gaming on the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, or PlayStation 4 can at least rest a little easier knowing that they might one day be able to enjoy this little gem on their console of choice.

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