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Download these hi-res Astroneer wallpaper backgrounds

The Astroneer developers are sharing a high-res creation done by John Wallin Liberto.


Astroneer has some of the most charming and delightful art design in gaming at this time and, to no one's surprise, are inspired by the game is equally magnificent. System Era Softworks is celebrating one specific piece created by concept artist John Wallin Liberto by sharing it with us all so we can have it as a wallpaper on our PCs.

The image shows off a vibrant take on the Astroneer solar system all using colors that are prominently used in the game's world. There are seven different planets in Astroneer and they each have their own unique traits and resources. We've put together an Astroneer planets, materials, and resources guide to help new and experienced players upgrade the efficiency of their building efforts so they can get to the next destination faster. That's only one of many and you can find the others on Astroneer home page.

Astroneer gameplay art screenshot Steam

Those already fully immersed in Astroneer's sci-fi survival gameplay just received a new patch this week. Astroneer patch 1.0.7. is live nowand includes the following bug fixes:

    • Fixed more of our most commonly reported crashes increasing overall stability.
    • [AS-6164] - Fixed a major issue where vehicles would decide to take an unwelcome nap, and would remain stationary despite being powered.
    • [AS-5572] - Fixed a major issue in Multiplayer that would cause Client Player’s camera to be launched into space if the "Enter" command was pressed multiple times when entering a seat.
    • [AS-6127] - Added some guards and performance improvements to address the issue which occurred most often on lower end machines causing picked up and dropped items to fall through the terrain. There may still be some visible stuttering on lower end specs, but items should no longer be irretrievably lost.
    • [AS-6103] - "Up By the Roots" achievement should now become unlocked by unearthing Popcoral
    • [AS-6243] - Fixed a major issue where Players on Xbox / Win 10 would no longer see their unlocked cosmetic options as of version The underlying issue had to do with the platform not properly communicating with our backend service and therefore not being able to pull down a player’s inventory. Actual player inventory was not affected and all items should be rightfully restored in the UI view as of version
    • [AS-6070] - Fixed a major issue in Multiplayer that occurred when a Client Player disconnected a rover train the Host was driving, the towed vehicle could no longer be driven by any players.
    • [AS-6218] - Remove the use key quick stow capability (Edit: Clarification = We removed the 'hover over something + press F to Quickstow because it was causing some usability issues... namely for gamepad users who had something accidentally proximity selected that would wind up stowed.)
    • [AS-5857] - Fixed an issue in Multiplayer games where Terrain would be briefly invisible for Client Players when joining a Multiplayer game. Included in this fix are other improvements to the load / join experience which should result in a more consistent experience throughout the game.
    • [AS-6180] - Fixed a rare Multiplayer issue that would cause a rover train to become disconnected when Client Player drove the train.
    • [AS-6233] - Fixed an issue which would cause clouds to z-fight to death when viewed from distance and turn into a flickery soup.
    • [AS-6190] - The required resource icon at the subterranean Engine on Glacio has been changed to match the resource’s tool tip.
    • [AS-6114] - Removed the erroneous mention of Oxygen on the gas resources tab of the Astropedia
    • [AS-5902] - Removed erroneous smoke effects on the Shuttle Wreckage Thrusters.

Astroneer is available now on PC and Xbox One. Grab that wallpaper and stay tuned to Shacknews for additional gaming and tech updates.

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