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How to customize your Javelin in Anthem game

Learn the ins and outs of the Forge and how you can customize your Javelin to fit your play-style in Anthem.


Your Javelin is your primary weapon in Anthem and knowing everything about it—including what kind of upgrades are available—is important if you plan on spending any amount of time with the game. Learning how to customize your Javelin is going to be vital as this will allow you to equip new items, change the color and even customize the way that your Javelin enters each expedition that you set out on. In this handy guide we’ll go over all the basic information you need to start customizing your Javelin, as well as talk about the different options available to you.

What is the Forge?

The Forge is where you’ll handle all the different customization opportunities available for your Javelin. This is where you’re craft upgrades and gear, as well as where you will install said gear. But the Forge allows you to do more than just update your Javelin. In fact, it will also give you access to a suite of customization options like color, material and even animations.

Anthem Javelin upgrade screen
Each Javelin has key components that players can customize and upgrade.

Customizing Javelin Parts

When you access the Forge, you’ll be given an overview of your currently equipped Javelin, as well as the different options you can customize on it. Most Javelins allow you to customize several of the basic components of it, including the weapons and several key parts of the combat system. For Javelins like the Storm, players can change out the Blast Seal, Focus Seal, Support Seal and Components. Likewise, Javelins like the Interceptor allow users to change out the Assault System, Strike System, Support System and Components.

While many of the names are different, each of these key portions of the Javelin play an important part in how you will face off against enemies. You can customize each one to find upgrades that work best for your playstyle, making it easy to set your Javelin apart from the others in your squad.

Anthem Javelin Customization Options
You can paint, customize and upgrade your Javelin's appearance at the Forge.

Customizing Appearance

You can also customize the appearance of your Javelin. To access this part of the Forge you’ll need to tab over from the LOADOUT area to APPEARANCE. Here you can customize a litany of areas including your:

  • Helmet
  • Torso
  • Arms
  • Legs
  • Vinyls
  • Wear State
  • Animations
  • Paint

All of the options above should be pretty self-explanatory, however Animations, Wear State and Vinyls might be a bit confusing, so we’ll cover those in further detail.

Vinyls are basically pre-made skins that can be added to your Javelin to give them a more unique look. These can be earned or purchased and allow you to set yourself apart from the crowd more than usual.

Wear State allows you to change the overall look of your Javelin’s paint and metal. You can select between options like Dirty, Old and Standard.

Animations are essentially where you will find things like emotes, arrival animations and victory poses. These can be changed directly to give you a more unique approach on the after-mission report, when loading into the game, and during your exploration.

Anthem Javelin paint options
You can customize the paint color and material type of your Javelin in the Forge.

How to Paint Your Javelin

If you want to further customize your Javelin with unique colors, you can select specific paints for the various parts of the suit. This can be done by selecting Paint from the Appearance menu and then looking over the menu.

You can change two primary things here, the Material and the Paint Color. To change the material, select the ball on the left and then you’ll be shown a menu of different options. If you want to change the paint color, click the tab on the right of each option. This will bring up a color picker, which you can use to customize your Javelin ever further.

Now that you’ve got a basic idea of how the Forge works, and how to customize your Javelin, head into the game and get your own colors and gear set up the way you want it. You can also return to our Anthem guide to find more helpful guides like this, which will go over key game information like how to get Weapon Parts.

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