Vinyl Resident Evil 1 and 2 original soundtracks drop in May

These vinyl Resident Evil 1 and 2 original soundtracks are rising from the dead with gorgeous packaging.


Do you happen to be a vinyl record collector and purveyor of fine Resident Evil goods? You're in luck, because, thanks to Laced Records and Capcom, you can bring both loves together!

The Resident Evil and Resident Evil 2 Original Soundtracks are shambling their way to vinyl in 2019 with some seriously awesome-looking LPs. Each soundtrack has been lovingly remastered and will be pressed on deluxe double-vinyl 180g LPs in black and special marble color ways, with glossy gatefold sleeves to house them.

Both soundtracks, from games that are widely recognized as some of the most influential survival horror titles of all time, are available in North America and EMEA areas at this time, and they're up for pre-order right now. Together, both vinyl records offer 75 tracks, and they're $25 apiece. Here's the trackless for both records:

Resident Evil Original Soundtrack
Track Listing:
Disk 1 | Side A

  1. Nightmare  
  2. Prologue 
  3. Shot in the Silence  
  4. Evil Dead 
  5. Terror-1  
  6. Hunted!  
  7. Disappearance  
  8. Deathtrap  
  9. Terror-2  
  10. Lost in Darkness  
  11. Terror-3  
  12. A Casualty  
  13. Terror-4  

Disk 1 | Side B
14. Save Theme  
15. Vacant Room  
16. Narrow and Close  
17. Sigh of Relief  
18. The Encounter  
19. Ivies' Domain  
20. Talking to Yourself?  
21. Cold Water  
22. Sacrifice  
23. Neptune  
24. Vines of Wrath  
25. Plant 42  
Disk 2 | Side A
26. Deception  
27. New Threat  
28. Rush of Fear  
29. Rush of Horror  
30. Underground  
31. Bravo Captain  
32. Room of Lisa  
33. Question of Trust   
Disk 2 | Side B
34. Memento  
35. The Depth  
36. Concrete Bound  
37. Secret Revealed  
38. Double-Cross  
39. The Awakening  
40. Tyrant-1  
41. Countdown  
42. Tyrant-2  
43. Epilogue  
44. Ending Credits   
Resident Evil® 2 (Original Soundtrack)
Track Listing:
Disk 1 | Side A
 1. The Beginning Of Story  
2. Annette's Recollection  
3. Normal End Title  
4. Special End Title  
5. Credit Line Of Whole Staff  
6. Prologue  
7. Raccoon City  
8. The Front Hall  
7. There Will Be Retribution
8. Primarch's Honour

 Disk 1 | Side B

  1. The First Floor  
  2.  The Second Floor  
  3. Secure Place 
  4.  Leon with Claire  
  5. The Library  
  6. Sherry's Theme  
  7. The Basement Of Police Station  
  8.  T-A  
  9. The First Malformation of G  
  10.  Ada's Theme  

Disk 2 | Side A

  1. The Marshalling Yard (The First Half)  
  2. The Marshalling Yard (The Latter Half)  
  3. The Second Malformation of G  
  4. The Underground Laboratory  
  5. Is Ada Spy!?  
  6. Escape From Laboratory   

Disk 2 | Side B

  1. Good Bye, Leon  
  2. Mother  
  3. One More Kiss  
  4. T-B  
  5. The Third Malformation of G  
  6. And After That...  
  7. Credit Line   

Resident Evil fans have some truly awesome-looking packages in their future, as one of the marble-colored LPs is pictured below. 

And speaking of Resident Evil, if you haven't already tried the Resident Evil 2 remake, you'd do well to pick up a copy and give it a look. For diehard fans of the series, it's well worth diving into. And for newcomers, it's still terribly creepy, too. 

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