Samsung Galaxy S10 5G will launch on Verizon first in the U.S.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 5G will launch with Verizon first for American customers using the carrier.


Samsung announced a new model of its just-announced Galaxy S10 smartphone during its Unpacked 2019 event that's coming as a temporary Verizon Wireless exclusive.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 5G model will feature a larger screen and battery than the s10 Plus model and will debut at Verizon for customers in the US before expanding to other carriers after launch. It will be on sale "in the first half of 2019." That means it's not too far off.

The Galaxy S10 5G will include a 6.7-inch display, where the regular S10 Plus screen maxes out at 6.4 inches. Its battery will be a 4,500mAh size, compared to a 4,100mAh for the S10 Plus. You can charge it in a flash with 25W Super Fast Charging, and also utilize device-to-device charging with the unit in case you find yourself in a situation where you need all that juice.

The Samsung S10 5G is unveiled.
The Samsung S10 5G is unveiled.

The 5G speed will enable users to download some massive amounts of data very quickly. Samsung claims that the phone can download a full TV show season in just minutes, play games with virtually no lag, and offer crystal-clear 4K video calls. The phone also adds to more 3D Depth cameras on the front and back of the device.

It isn't clear how long Verizon's exclusivity deal will last for Samsung, but if you want a Galaxy S10 5G unit at launch, you'll want to go ahead and preorder as soon as possible. But you also should keep in mind that if you want 5G speeds, you have to be in a city that supports it in the first place. Verizon hasn't announced which cities just yet, so we'll have to wait and see where it might be prudent to purchase one of the phones before being able to recommend that you do so. 

In the meantime, Samsung has a variety of other phones on the horizon, as well as new Galaxy Buds and smartwatches to keep an eye on if you're in the mood to lay down some cash on new gadgets, all of which were announced during the very same Unpacked event that we came face to face with the Galaxy S10 5G at. It's an exciting time to be a Samsung fan, and an expensive one too, no less. 

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