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Find new friends with this Pokemon Go Trainer codes list

Looking for new buddies to help hunt, capture, and train Pokemon? Check out this massive list of Pokemon Go Trainer codes for players looking to meet up with new teammates.


One of the main things that AR-based mobing gaming sensation Pokemon Go got right was the way it tied players together through adventures spread across countless real world locations. It's a game that's clearly meant to be played with friends, an element that coincidentally lessens the experience for solo players. Fortunately, there's a new resource for Pokemon Go trainers looking to meet up with other like-minded players for a bit of traditional Pokemon-themed fun.

Put together by the good folks at GamePress, the latest Pokemon Go Trainer codes list offers players the chance to sync up with other Pokemon trainers across the globe. Players who wish to be added to the list can do so easily though the GamesPress profile website, and additional details help match up users based on similar desires. Some players are looking to exchange creatures exclusively, while others are simply looking for extra help with local Raid battles.

There are loads of listed Pokemon Go trainers available now, something like 323 pages as of the time of writing (at around 50 per page, that's over 16,000 players listed total). Most of the listed players simply offered their friends codes, though all listings appear to have featured locations. At the very least, players shouldn't have too much trouble matching up with other local Pokemon hunters.

The list of Pokemon Go Trainer codes can be used for just about anything players can desire, from help around local gyms to people who exclusively want to gift creatures and be gifted creatures in kind. Shacknews players are also welcome to share their friends codes among the community in the Chatty below, if desired. For the rest of our coverage concerning Niantic's AR-based sensation, be sure to stop by Shacknews' Pokemon Go home page.

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