Twitch Rivals Apex Legends tournament standings after Week 2

Apex Legends teams in Europe and North American compete in the second week of the Twitch Rivals Challenge.


Respawn Entertainment is moving quickly to capitalize on the popularity of the studio's battle royale game Apex Legends and part of that effort is a competitive series exclusively streaming on the Twitch platform via the Twitch Rivals esports series.

Twitch Rivals Apex Legends sees 16 teams of three jump into Apex Legends throughout a designated time period. Across that time, they'll rack up five points for every team win and one point for every kill they manage to score. There are 30 players playing for 10 teams during the Apex Legends Challenge for North American and Europe. In the first week standings for the Apex Legends Challenge, King Canyon took the top spot in North American with 420 points (nice). Reids Money Team was in second by only one with 419. In Europ, Team MANE topped the standings with 399 points and Team Nordics held down second place with 362.

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Today, February 19, is round two for European and North American Apex Legends competitors and here's how the standings look after week two (we'll be updating the standings throughout the competition):

Twitch Rivals: Apex Legends Challenge standings


  1. Solary - 387 Points- Apex Legends Challenge 2 Champions!
  2. Tamamdir - 383 Points
  3. Team DEGLIDDEI - 327 Points
  4. Team Bibs - 299 Points Points
  5. Los Angeles de Marki - 294 Points
  6. Camp 2 Win - 276 Points
  7. The LADS - 267 Points
  8. HIP SQUAD - 248  Points
  9. Mozambique Main - 236 Points
  10. Top Legendes - 197 Points
Twitch Rivals Apex Legends Challenge standings week 2
Apex Legends Challenge competitor Melania Mylioti

North America

  1. Scott's Tots - Apex Legends Challenge 2 Champions!
  2. TSM
  3. Team QXC
  4. Team Imaqtpie
  5. Team Kephrii
  6. Team DisguisedToast
  7. Team Femsteph
  8. Team Chunks

One hilarious moment saw one of the competitors take out the final enemy with Bangalore's unique smoke grenade ability.

The Apex Legends Challenge will end with the top team from Europe and North America getting $50,000 for each three-player squad. The two rounds were two hours each and each team was allowed unlimited Apex Legends battle royale attempts within that time slot. Today is the final day of the competition and you can stay tuned to this post for regularly updated standings. We'll report the Apex Legends Challenge winners for both regions later today.

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