All PC Keybindings and controls in Anthem game

Get up to speed with all the keybindings in Anthem.


If you’re planning to play Anthem on the PC, then you’ve got a good number of keybinds to come to terms with. Before you dive right into the world of Bastion, make sure you’re prepared by getting up to speed with the different keybindings and controls beforehand. We’ve outlined all the controls in a handy table below, which should help you memorize the controls much easier.

Anthem PC keybinds
You can view the PC keybindings from the settings menu in Anthem.

All PC Keybindings in Anthem

If you’re looking to play Anthem on your PC, then you’ll have to choose whether you want to play the game with a controller or a keyboard and mouse. If you choose to play it with a keyboard and a mouse, then there are a good number of controls to get used to. While the tutorials throughout the game will help you learn the basics, this guide will outline all the keybindings you need to know, which should make mastering them much easier.

Action Keybinding
Forward W
Backward S
Left A
Right D
Jump Space
Sprint/Activate Flight Left Shift
Evade MMB
Hover C
Fire Weapon LMB
Zoom Mouse 4/C
Melee V
Reload R
Switch Weapon Tab
Ability 1 Q
Ability 2 E
Ability 3 Z
Ultimate X
Interact F
Inventory I
Cortex J
Social O
Map M
Options L
Weapon 1 1
Weapon 2 2
Emote 1 ,
Emote 2 .
Emote 3 /
Push-To-Talk T

Now that you can easily see the controls for the keyboard, you’ll also want to get used to the controller keybindings as well. You can check out the small gif below to see these controls in action.

Make sure to bookmark this page if you want to keep the controls handy and be sure to take some time to study them before diving back into the game. You can also return to our Anthem guide to find more strategy content, including handy guides which will explain everything you need to know to master your Javelin and become the best Freelancer possible.

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