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Learn the fastest way to complete the Tombs of the Legionnaire's questline in Anthem, including chest farming routes.


The Tombs of the Legionnaires questline is the first major roadblock in Anthem. This quest requires players do a bunch of menial tasks around the world in order to unlock four tombs scattered across the map. Each of these tombs requires three or four tasks to be completed, with the most troublesome being finding over a dozen chests.

Each of these four trials must be completed before the main story can be progressed further. While none of the required challenges are too difficult, some are a bit finicky and even seem to not complete properly.

Trial of Artinia

The Trial of Artinia is a challenge to honor the memory of Artinia, Sharpshooter of the Legion. All of the challenges for this trial are quite straight forward. Players will need to head to free play in order to complete the world events, which spawn randomly around the map. A good idea is to play on easy or get together with some friends to make this quicker.

The weapon defeats require players to kill enemies using weapons, while weak point defeats means enemies must die from a critical hit. As for elites, each enemy has a name and any enemy with “elite” in their name will count.

  • World events (5)
  • Weapon defeats (30)
  • Weak point defeats (15)
  • Elite defeats (9)

Trial of Cariff

The Trial of Cariff is a challenge to honor the memory of Cariff, Tactician of the Legion. Players will need to simply complete 3 missions for the first step, which can be any mission in the game. Gear defeats are the abilities of the Javelins, whether it’s a Ranger’s grenade or the Storm’s elemental abilities.

Combo triggers are the primer and detonator effects in Anthem. Make sure you check out our guide on how combos work in Anthem if you’re not sure. As for the multi-kills, this is a bit murky. You will need to defeat several enemies in quick succession, preferably with an ultimate to make it easier. I struggled with this part, despite killing dozens of bugs with my Storm’s ultimate. This one seems to not register properly.

  • Missions (3)
  • Gear defeats (30)
  • Combo triggers (15)
  • Multi-kills (3)

Trial of Gawnes

The Trial of Gawnes is a challenge to honor the memory of Gawnes, Blademaster of the Legion. Players will need to use their melee ability to kill enemies, which can be made easier by setting up a combo. The same applies with the ultimate defeats, just use your Javelin’s super. As for the Legendary defeats, this requires players defeat major enemies, such as the boss at the end of Strongholds.

  • Melee defeats (50)
  • Ultimate defeats (50)
  • Legendary defeats (3)

Trial of Yvenia

The Trial of Yvenia is a challenge to honor the memory of Yvenia, Forgewright of the Legion. This is likely the challenge that is going to take players the longest amount of time, as it requires players find and open 15 chests. Read more down below for some good chest farming routes.

The other parts of this trial to open the tomb is to harvest materials from plants or scrap metal piles, repair other player’s Javelins, and collect pieces of lore or items out in the world. Most of the collectibles can only be found in free play, so head out and look around the tombs for some items. Look for glowing icons on the walls as these are hidden messages that count toward the total.

  • Treasure chests (15)
  • Harvests (25)
  • Javelins repaired (3)
  • Collectibles (10)

Chest locations

Thankfully, the chest portion of the Yvenia tomb trial in Anthem is relatively easy to complete, as long as you know where to find chests. A talented player by the name of ayerun over on the Anthem subreddit has shared a great chest farming route for other people to use.

As you can see, players should start at the free play location and then move in a clockwise manner. Because of the vertical nature of the Anthem map, it might be difficult to locate some of these chests. If you can’t find one, don’t spend too long looking, just move to the next location.

Completing the Tombs of the Legionnaires quest in Anthem is going to take a bit of time. Each of the four tombs requires a bit of grinding before they’ll open, with the worst offender requiring players find and open chests. While this can be done through missions, it will no doubt be quicker to head to a known treasure chest location and open it. Head over to the Shacknews Anthem game guides and walkthrough for more helpful information.

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