How to use Awaken in Jump Force

Learn how to Awaken your fighter's true potential in Jump Force by taking advantage of the Awakening Gauge.


Not only can players assume control over their favorite Shonen Jump universe characters in Jump Force, they can also Awaken their powers for boosts to offense and defense. This is accomplished by charging the Awakening Gauge, and once it reaches certain levels, new abilities will become available. Here's how to Awaken in Jump Force and more information on how to use the Awakening Gauge.

How to Awaken in Jump Force - Use the Awakening Gauge

The Awakening Gauge in Jump Force is found right around the player's character portrait, and it slowly fills up as characters take attacks from and land attacks on opponents. Once it's been filled to 50 percent capacity, players will be able to Awaken their fighter and/or make use of Ultimate Techniques.

Once the Awakening Gauge has reached 50 percent or more capacity, players can press R3 on PlayStation 4 or RS on the Xbox One to enter the Awakened state. While Awakened, fighters will become quicker and more powerful, and many will change in appearance. Just remember that the Awakening Gauge will steadily deplete while active, and it can only be activated again once it's returned to at least half capacity.

A charged Awakening Gauge can also be used for Ultimate Techniques. These special attacks can be used by holding R2 or RT, then by pressing the X button on PlayStation 4 or the A button on Xbox One. When performed correctly, the fighter will unleash a devastating attack on the opponent.

If players can hold out long enough for their Awakening Gauge to reach 100 percent capacity, they'll be able to trigger their fighter's Ultimate Awakening. As might be expected, this transformation makes the character even more powerful than the base Awakening ability, and provides unique new looks for specific fighters.

Learning how to Awaken in Jump Force is really a matter of patience and experimentation. Sometimes a low-charged Awakening Gauge is best used for an Ultimate Technique, but players who can hold out for a 100 percent charge can Awaken their fighter's true potential. To learn more about the latest Shonen Jump fighter from Spike Chunsoft, be sure to head over to Shacknews' Jump Force home page.

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