How many hours to beat Metro Exodus?

Find out how long it will take you to beat Metro Exodus.


The latest installment in the Metro series is here and Metro Exodus delivers one heck of a ride for fans of Artyom’s story. If you’re just getting ready to dive into the game, though, you might be curious how long it is, or even how many chapters the game has. This guide will tell you everything you need to know so you can set aside some time this weekend and enjoy the latest entry in Artyom’s tale.

We do want to note that there are some slight spoilers for Metro Exodus in the article below. While these spoilers are small—only chapter names—they do contain information about the locations you visit in the game, which some people might not want to spoil for themselves. This is your only warning.

Metro Exodus gas mask in the dead city
Metro Exodus takes players through the different seasons as they travel across Russia.

How Long to Beat Metro Exodus

The amount of time it takes you to beat Metro Exodus is all going to depend on how you choose to play the game. Like the original two, Exodus allows you to pick and choose how you approach some of your battles—though this time the world is much more open than it has been in the past. There are also a lot of side stories and quests that you can do, and a good bit of world to explore in many of the chapters.

If you’re looking to play through the entire game, then you’ll want to set aside roughly 35-45 hours. This will give you time to explore the full breadth of the world and find any collectibles along the way. If you’re just focused on the main story, though, then you’ll only need to set aside around 30 hours or so, as you can easily focus on the “golden path” that progresses you through the story.

How Many Chapters in Metro Exodus

The latest chapter of the Metro series is broken down into a series of chapters that players will be able to visit and replay quite easily once they complete them. The game is broken up into 12 chapters, all of which we’ve outlined below.

  • Introduction
  • Moscow
  • Winter
  • The Volga
  • Spring
  • Yamantau
  • The Caspian
  • Summer
  • The Taiga
  • Autumn
  • The Dead City
  • Finale

Now that we’ve outlined how long Metro Exodus is, and how many chapters the game includes, you can head back over to our Metro Exodus guide to find more information about the game, including some in-depth content that will help you master the new features and systems that 4A has built into the latest chapter of Artyom’s story.

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