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Fire Emblem: Three Houses battles on Switch in July

Today's Nintendo Direct took a fresh look at Fire Emblem: Three Houses, which is now set for a July release date.


Prior to Wednesday's February 13, 2019 Nintendo Direct, Nintendo only hinted at news for the Fire Emblem series. And the publisher did deliver on this promise, offering an extensive look at Fire Emblem: Three Houses, which is on its way to Nintendo Switch.

Originally announced at E3 2018, Fire Emblem: Three Houses sees players take the role of a mercenrary, who they can fully customize. They'll explore the continent of Fodlan, a land separated out into three kingdoms: The 1,000-year-old Adrestian Empire, the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus, and the Leicester Alliance. Those three kingdoms are now in full-blown conflict. Meanwhile, the player must also dive into the mystery of why only they can see a mysterious young girl named Sothos.

The "three houses" motif also extends to the Officer's Academy where the main character will be teaching. These three houses are all related to the three kingdoms, with players meeting Edelgard (Adrestian Empire), Dimitri (Kingdom of Faerghus), and Claude (Leicester Alliance). The Academy is also filled with numerous students to speak to and interact with.

The Nintendo Direct also went into the traditional Fire Emblem turn-based strategic combat. As has been the case throughout the series, permadeath appears to be in place here, meaning players are not only risking themselves, but also the students of the Officer's Academy. Likewise, they're also developing their skills, upgrading their individual abilities. Players will also develop those students as teams, strengthening their bonds and crafting them as hardened squads who can work together on the battlefield.

Nintendo's Yoshiaki Koizumi noted that Three Houses was originally slated for the spring, but the game required some more time in the oven, resulting in a brief delay to this summer. Look for Fire Emblem: The Three Houses to launch on Nintendo Switch on July 26.

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