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Starlink: Battle for Atlas April update hunts for Star Wolf

Starlink's upcoming spring content will see the Star Fox team hunt down the forces of Star Wolf in Switch-exclusive missions.


The February 13, 2019 Nintendo Direct moved forward with the reveal for some new Nintendo-exclusive content for Starlink: Battle for Atlas. The Ubisoft space shooter was noteworthy for offering Star Fox content that could only be played on the Nintendo Switch version. Now it looks like there will be more of that coming up.

A special batch of DLC missions will see the bad hombres of Star Wolf looking for a fight and it's up to the Star Fox pilots to give it to them. Players will be tasked with tracking down the Star Wolf lieutenants (Andrew, Pigma, and Leon) in a series of new missions that span the various worlds featured in Starlink, but players won't just be playing as Fox. The rest of the Star Fox team (Peppy Hare, Slippy Toad, and Falco Lombardi) will all be playable, each with their own distinct abilities and their own piloting skills.

Even outside of the Star Fox content, Starlink: Battle for Atlas proved to be a solid experience on its own. Regardless of whether you opt to use the "toys-to-life" gimmick or not, Starlink stands out as a fine space shooter on its own. You can check out our full review if you're still undecided. And if you've waited this long, there's a good chance you'll find it with a nice discount attached somewhere.

This will all be part of a much bigger update that will add more content to the core Starlink game. This includes new starship races, faction missions, and more. And unless something changes, it looks like all of this will be added to the game free of charge. If you own Starlink on a different platform, expect to get the spring update sans the Star Fox content.

Look for more on Starlink's spring update soon. But in the meantime, expect the update and the Star Wolf missions to come in April.

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