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Apex Packs, microtransations, and loot boxes - Apex Legends

Get the low down on how microtransactions and loot boxes work in Apex Legends.


Developers and publishers need to make money, which is why free-to-play games like Apex Legends include microtransactions and loot boxes. It’s important to note immediately that although Apex Legends includes microtransactions, players can experience everything the game has to offer without ever pulling out a credit card. Let’s talk about exactly what the microtransactions and loot boxes look like in Apex Legends.

What microtransactions are in Apex Legends?

Apex Legends includes a premium currency called Apex Coins. These Apex Coins come in various allotted sizes ranging from 1,000 coins up to 11,500 coins. The main purpose of these Apex Coins is to purchase Apex Packs, characters (Legends), and limited-time cosmetics from the store.

Apex Legends Apex Coins
The pricing of the Apex Coins varies from region to region.

Apex Coin bundles come in five different sizes, the prices of which will vary depending on your region. Each tier of coins includes more bonus coins:

  • 1,000 coins - $9.99
  • 2,150 coins - $19.99
  • 4,350 coins - $39.99
  • 6,700 coins - $59.99
  • 11,500 coins - $99.99

What are Apex Packs?

Apex Packs are Apex Legends’ version of loot boxes. These “boxes” contain various in-game cosmetic items including: weapon skins, Legend skins, banners, voice lines, and crafting metal. Crafting metal is a resource used to craft cosmetic items, an excellent option for those players who choose not to spend money. Each Apex Pack contains three of these items ranging in rarity, from uncommon to legendary.

Apex Packs also include bad luck protection. Players will not open more than 30 Apex Packs without receiving a Legendary item. Furthermore, players will not open more than 500 Apex Packs without receiving the exceptionally rare Heirloom collection. This ensures that even if you have mind-bogglingly bad luck, that you are guaranteed to receive a Legendary item within 30 loot boxes, and that even if it takes you 500 packs, you'll get the Heirloom cosmetic items.

There is also duplicate protection on Apex Packs. Players will not receive duplicates as once a cosmetic item is earned, it gets removed from the potential drop pool.

How to get Apex Packs

Apex Legends buy Apex Packs
Apex Packs can be purchased using Apex Coins, or earned by leveling up by playing matches.

As mentioned above, Apex Packs are the loot box Apex Legends uses to distribute cosmetic items. They can be purchased using real world money but they are also earned when players level up. From levels 1 to 100, players are able to earn 45 Apex Packs. After level 100, things are a little bit unclear, we'll report back with more information once it becomes available.

Is Apex Legends pay-to-win?

Just because you can buy characters in Apex Legends does not mean it is pay-to-win. Respawn has avoided the microtransation style seen in games like World of Tanks and has instead chosen an approach similar to League of Legends or Rainbow Six Siege.

Characters, called “Legends” in-game, can be purchased using Legend Tokens or Apex Coins. Legend Tokens are earned by simply playing Apex Legends while Apex Coins are purchased using real world dollars. Players will need to save up 12,000 Legend Tokens to be able to purchase a Legend or spent 750 Apex Coins. A player could feasibly never spend money and still earn everything there is by playing Apex Legends.

In this regard, Apex Legends is definitely not pay-to-win. There may be cases where a newly released character is powerful, but it will not be locked behind a paywall. This ensures that all players have access to every character in the game. Because the frequency that new Legends release will likely be low, players might find that they can easily earn the required 12,000 Legend Tokens between releases.

What are Legend Tokens?

Apex Legends store Legend Tokens
Apex Legends store Legend Tokens

Legend Tokens, as mentioned above, are an in-game currency earned by playing Apex Legends. These are awarded after a leveling up and are used to purchase items from the store. These items include limited-time Legend skins, weapon skins, and Legends. The store’s inventory rotates, so it’s a good idea to save up some Legend Tokens in case something arrives that tickles your fancy.

Does Apex Legends have a Battle Pass?

Starting March 1, players will be able to purchase a Battle Pass for Apex Legends. The Battle Pass looks to operate in a similar fashion to the one from Fortnite: players will be able to earn 100 different rewards ranging from cosmetics and seasonal items to Apex Packs. No Legends are included in the Battle Pass, ensuring all players have access to all characters, even those who choose not to spend real money.

While Apex Legends does contain microtransactions, its implementation is quite consumer-friendly and those who opt out of premium purchases are in no way disadvantaged. Overall, the loot boxes in Apex Legends (Apex Packs) are a nice little reward for leveling up, or an appealing purchase for those with some disposable income.

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