Fortnite Share the Love event adds Overtime Challenges & more

Fortnite welcomes Valentine's Day with a new Share the Love event which introduces new Overtime Challenges, double XP and some other goodies.


If you had big plans for this Valentine’s day, then it might be time to rethink them, as Fortnite has released more news about it’s Share the Love event. From February 8 to February 27, players will be able to dive into Fortnite to get their hands on some new and exciting rewards, Challenges, and other goodies to help spruce up their collection. We’ve compiled a full list of all the new things you can expect, so take a look below to see what’s changing.

Share the Love Update Notes

One of the biggest things you’ll find in the next update, v7.40, is the Cuddle Hearts Wrap. This set of skins will be available to any players who currently support a Creator or choose to enter a Creator Code between February 8 and February 22. Not sure if you’ve done this already? Don’t sweat it, Epic is keeping tracking of things, so you’ll receive your goody pack as soon as the update releases.

New Overtime Challenges

If you’re one of those players who always knocks out all the Weekly Challenges that you have and find yourself wanting more challenges to keep busy with, then good news is coming down the pipeline. Once v7.40 releases, players will gain access to new Overtime Challenges. If you complete these Challenges by the end of the Season, then you’ll receive five additional rewards, including the Vines Contrail and Valentine Wrap. Battle Pass owners will also receive some cool unlockable styles for the Power, Trog and Onesie outfits when they complete all the Overtime Challenges.

Double XP

During the event, players will get the opportunity to enjoy two weekends of Double XP, allowing them a chance to level up their Battle Pass before Season 7 closes at the end of the month. Double XP will be available between February 15-17 as well as February 22-24, so make sure you dive in and take advantage of this additional experience to speed up your leveling and unlock even more rewards.

A Creative Frenzy

If you’re a fan of Fortnite’s Creative mode, then the Share the Love event also has a nice update for you to look forward to. Starting on February 12 and ending on February 22, players will be able to experience a rotating set of featured islands in Fortnite Creative. These islands will showcase the overall creativity of the community, so you won't want to miss out on experiencing them for yourself.

New Valetine Wraps are coming to Fortnite.
New Valetine Wraps are coming to Fortnite.

Spicing Up the Competition

Starting February 9 and 10, the Share the Love Competitive Series will kick off, giving players a chance to place in the opening division. The top players will then be moved into a higher division of the competition, where they’ll get to take part in the tournament. This will also be one of the first times that players will get a chance to see some of the new features being added to the game's tournament system with the v7.40 update. According to the original announcement, the competitive series will be broken down into these divisions:

Open > Prospect > Contender > Champion

Players can unlock their position in each additional division by earning a pin during the daily sessions. If players manage to earn a pin during the Champion Division, then they will unlock access to the finals, which are set to take place on February 23 and 24.

Are you excited for Fortnite’s Share the Love event? If so, make sure you’re ready to dive in when the event kicks off on February 8. It should be noted as well, that any replays of the Showtime Event will be lost once update v7.40 drops, so make sure you share your favorite clips while you can! Head back over and check out our other Fortnite guides if you need more help with the latest challenges.

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