Total War: Three Kingdoms welcomes tyrant Dong Zhou to roster

Dong Zhou steps into the Total War: Three Kingdoms battlefield and declares that only power yields victory.


Update (February 11, 2019 - 3:15 PM CT): This post has been updated to reflect information from the developer regarding how Dong Zhou is unlocked.

The sinister tyrant has finally arrived. Announced today, Dong Zhou is playable faction #12 in Total War: Three Kingdoms. Greed drives him and players utilizing Dong Zhou will be able to "conquer through cruelty, purging the lands of all who would defy his rule".

You won't be able to engage in tyrannical ruling as soon as you start up your copy of Total War: Three Kingdoms, though. Dong Zhou will appear as a playable faction once a player defeats him in battle or reaches the rank of Emperor. He doesn't have to be killed, the army he's a part of just has to be defeated. With Dong Zhou comes the long-awaited arrival of one of the greatest warriors in this historic era: Lu Bu.

Once players reach the rank of Duke, Dong Zhou and Lu Bu should be a treat for players to play if completely dominating the land is their aim. In the Total War: Three Kingdoms Romance mode, there are Hero Duels that pit major characters against each other in fantastic, flashy one-on-one battles. Lu Bu will likely be one of the most dominant forces in these duels and, even in the more realistic Records mode, he will be leaving a major impression on the battlefield.

Check out our take on this bloody, magical romance in our hands-on preview with Total War: Three Kingdoms if you're curious about the game's units, how duels work, and more.

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On February 5, the Creative Assembly team launched the first episode in an animated documentary series dedicated to breaking down the Three Kingdoms era in China. The first episode tackles the Battle of Guandu, a decisive moment in the rivalry between Cao Cao and Yuan Shao. The script for this episode was developed by History of China podcaster Chris Stewart.

Total War: Three Kingdoms from Creative Assembly and Sega will launch March 7, 2019, on PC. Anyone that pre-orders the game will get the Yellow Turban Rebellion DLC for free. The Yellow Turban Rebellion Warlord Pack includes three playable warlords, three new hero classes, a new sub-culture to play as, and more. Stay tuned to Shacknews for additional gaming and tech updates.

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