Was development of Titanfall 3 cancelled for Apex Legends?

Apex Legends extends the Titanfall legacy even further, but whatever happened to Titanfall 3?


Titanfall 2 released on October 28 of 2016, over two years ago, and for the past couple of years, fans of the series have been wondering when the next installment in the series would drop. So, when Respawn Entertainment revealed Apex Legends, a spin-off game set in the Titanfall series, many were curious; whatever happened to Titanfall 3?

Did Apex Legends Replace Titanfall 3?

A few years ago, it was rumored that Respawn Entertainment was working on development for Titanfall 3, a sequel to 2016’s Titanfall 2. Now, as 2019 starts to really kick off, Respawn has surprised the world with Apex Legends, a free to play battle royale game set in the Titanfall universe. However, Legends isn’t a direct sequel to Titanfall 2, instead it takes place 30 years after the last game, in a blood sport where fighters face off to be the last champion standing.

In a talk with Eurogamer, Respawn talked a bit about Apex Legends and why they decided to take the route that they’ve taken with the game, including why they kept things so close to the chest up to the title’s release yesterday. According to Respawn, they wanted the game to speak for itself, so instead of wasting a ton of money on marketing it and people speculating about it, they held the details close and waited for release.

Apex Legends fighters ready for battle
Three heroes in Apex Legends prepare to face off against their enemies.

It seems this plan has worked, as over 1 million users downloaded Apex Legends in under 8 hours of being released, which is a huge success for the game’s first day. Of course, with Apex Legends coming out the gate so successfully, many are still curious where this puts Titanfall 3.

While no official news has released concerning Titanfall 3's release or even the title's development, a recent tweet from Respawn CEO, Vince Zampella, the studio is working on more Titanfall stuff. Whether this is Titanfall 3, or another spin-off of the series is unknown, though. For now, though, Apex Legends is all we really know about when it comes to the future of the Titanfall universe. Respawn is, however, hard at work on a few other titles, including a new AAA VR shooter as well as their own action-adventure game set within the Star Wars universe.

You can learn how to download Apex Legends if you haven’t picked it up just yet and be sure to check back often for new information about the game, including strategy content and guides.

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    Josh Hawkins posted a new article, Was development of Titanfall 3 cancelled for Apex Legends?

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      Who cares? Oh that's right. The 200 fans of Titanfall

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        February 6, 2019 12:06 AM

        Titanfall 2 was awesome. A triumph

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          199 heads nod in solidarity

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          yeah it was pretty great. enjoyed the SP campaign.

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          Everyone who played Titanfall 2 loves Titanfall 2. Not nearly enough people actually played Titanfall 2.

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        I have nothing against Apex Legends and it seems like a fun game to me, but don't you think this is a rather childish thing to be repeating across threads on the subject?

        Just because the game failed to sell enough to be considered a success doesn't mean it doesn't have a fair amount of fans - especially now that it's been on sales for cheap and people have had the chance to experience the brilliant SP campaign.

        If no-one truly cared, there wouldn't be all these discussions and news revolving around the concept of TF3 being cancelled, would there?

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          Sure, but why hang it over Respawn's head? Titanfall was well received but a commercial failure. Criticizing Respawn for moving on seems ridiculous to me.

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          There are a lot of assholes on the Shack who feel the need to shit on things they don't understand or care about to feel internet-superior to others, even for a second.

          The real life version of these people are Donald Trump supporters who want other people to feel pain and as a result, feel superior themselves.

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        200 and 1, dear sir.

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        Someone didn't play through the TF2 campaign...

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        everyone that wants it split up. you got the F2P PVP game, then they can focus on the paid SP PVE campaign as a separate entity. who cares? anyone that likes video gaming at large.

        do you like video games?