How to download and install the Anthem open demo

Learn how to download and install the Anthem open demo on PS4, Xbox One and PC.


Last weekend players had the chance to dive into Anthem thanks to a closed VIP demo. This weekend, though, Bioware is opening the floodgates on PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One by launching the open demo for the game. Players will have all weekend to test out the game and experience the world. Here’s everything you need to know to install the game, as well as the start and end times for the Anthem open demo.

How to Download and Install the Anthem Open Demo

You can download and install the Anthem open demo right now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. The download is roughly 25GB across all platforms, so if you’re wanting to play this weekend, I’d highly suggest going ahead and downloading the demo to your system today. I’ve broken down how to install the demo on each console below, so look for yours and then follow the instructions to bypass any possible issues you might run into otherwise. If you took part in the VIP demo last weekend, then you’ll probably already have an update queued as soon as you launch Origin.

Anthem Connecting to Online Services
You won't be able to connect to the servers until the demo goes live.

How to Download and Install on PC

Downloading and installing the Anthem open demo on your PC is extremely simple and to the point. First, you’re going to need to make sure you have an Origin account. If you’ve played any EA games in the past few years, then you probably have one of these set up already. Log into the your account and then select the search bar at the top of the left-hand column. Search for “Anthem demo” and the item should pop up pretty quickly.

How to Download and Install on PlayStation 4

To install Anthem’s open demo on your PlayStation 4, boot up your console and then select the PlayStation Store option on the main screen. This should load you into the main PSN store, where you can search for the game itself. Scroll up to the top and choose the Search option, this will pull up another screen, where you can search for the demo by typing in “Anthem”. It should be the first option in the list. Select it to download the demo.

Anthem open demo download instructions for PS4
You can search for the Anthem demo to find it on PS4.

How to Download and Install on Xbox One

If you’re playing the game on Xbox One, then you’re going to need to follow a few similar steps to those listed above for the PlayStation 4 version. Boot up your Xbox One, then load into the Xbox Store. Once here, look for the search option along the top and then search for “Anthem demo”. It should pop up without much issue. If you experience any issues finding it, then you can also try searching for just “Anthem”, which should give you an option to download it there as well.

Anthem Open Demo Start and End Times

Now that you’ve sorted how to install the demo, let’s talk about the start and end times, so you know when you can dive in and start experience Bioware’s latest adventure.

The Anthem open demo will kick off this Friday, February 1 at 12:00 EST (09:00 PST) and run until Sunday, February 3. Hopefully the demo this week holds up a bit better than the closed VIP demo did last week, and players can experience the full breadth of this small slice without any big issues.

For more on the game, make sure you head back over to our Anthem home page, where we’ll keep you posted on any bugs, fixes, and other helpful content to help you over the weekend.

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