Arcade1Up showcases new arcade cabinet lineup

Arcade1Up was at CES 2019 with the company's newest arcade cabinets, like Mortal Kombat, Karate Champ, and Golden Tee.


Shacknews caught up with Arcade1Up at CES 2019 for some intense retro gaming action, and filmed it all!

Arcade1Up is the premier distributor of awesome, life-size arcade machines sized small enough to fit in your home. You've probably seen these awesome cabinets at retailers like Walmart, in all their retro glory, and now we know there are even more of them on the way!

The company's counter arcade machines were on offer at CES in addition to five new titles the company is bringing out. That's right – Arcade 1Up is adding a selection of new arcade cabinets to its inventory starting as early as February, and each cabinet features multiple games. Some of the newest additions include Karate Champ, Mortal Kombat II, Final Fight, Space Invaders, and Golden Tee.

Wondering how it all works? It's not just based on old machinery and electronics. The tech inside is all proprietary and no longer battery-operated (and no quarters necessary).

"One thing we've found is that there's a bit of the void in the market for this. We wanted to take that classic retro arcade and gaming experience and make it sizable and affordable for consumers to bring in their home," said Kassandra O'Brien, Arcade 1Up's Director of PR and Marketing.

"We took the effort of finding out there, who owns the current licenses, and then turning it into a product," said David McIntosh, account executive at Arcade1Up.

For those of you looking for even more to add to your burgeoning Arcade1Up collection (because you probably already snagged one), there's some interesting stuff coming down the line. Stools are coming in 2019, as well as tins, collectibles, marquee lights, and other cool accessories to go along with your machine.

"Stay tuned for the rest of the year, as I'm sure we'll be making more announcements," said O'Brien.

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